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On a place Nagatinsky pojmy will construct a city

the New fashion of the Moscow builders - to leave the letter to descendants . Only if earlier such messages wrote on a paper now write down on a flash card (a computer flash card) and fill in with its concrete. Descendants are 100 000 (hundred thousand!) The person which will already live and work in Nagatinsky pojme by June, 2008. Last Saturday the flash card was put here by the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov.
Nagatinsky pojma is territory largest in Moscow which deluged in a high water while in 1930 - h years have not constructed the Rervinsky hydrosite. Height of coast 1 - 1,5 metres. As a matter of fact, this earth costs on the old, filled up channel of the Moskva River.
- Therefore at building we use difficult technologies, - Andrey ASTAKHOV, the general director of the project " speaks; Nagatino I - Land . - For example, the new design decision is developed for piles - they are made taking into account a marshy ground that houses have not given in soil. So advanced technologies have come here even before opening of offices.
What for to capital new area

It named Nagatino I - Land . I are information technologies, innovations, intelligence. Land - the earth. It is intended for small-scale business development. Here it will be possible to remove inexpensive office, to spend conference (having lodged in local hotels of participants), to go in for sports, shopping and to have a good time.
Inhabitants of small town will not load road to the centre of Moscow - they will solve all affairs, without leaving this technopark. At least so it is dreamt to authors.  

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head Moskomarhitektury Alexander Kuzmin and its assistant Michael Posohin Supervised over collective of architects.
the Underground private will not be
has shaken news This summer of all that in pojme will construct the first station of the Moscow underground on   money of the private capital.
- Actually new station Technopark we build on budget money, - the minister of the government of Moscow Michael VYSHEGORODTSEV speaks. - Therefrom means for road outcomes, the bridge and a piece of the fourth ring which will pass here. And here all the rest - for the investor.
By the underground many money is not necessary: it is land station of an existing line between Autofactory and Kolomna the lobby is under construction only. Will open it in the end of 2008.
building of several more highways is connected With technopark: from Brateeva in Printers; from the Sevastopol prospectus to technopark along the railway.