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Does not know the local people as we meet new year!

many dream to meet New year outside of immense our Native land. But, alas, commemorating abroad is fraught with unforeseen troubles. Also has put at all that the trip to holidays will manage almost twice more expensively. Simply people foreign not absolutely understand joyful anticipations of the Russian tourist. And the traditions can impair a little New Year`s mood easily.

Problems with flights

the Majority of tourists will depart abroad charter flights - so more cheaply, and not regular planes fly to all delightsome corners. And even if in usual days the charter delay and for a delay is not considered at two o`clock, in New Year`s a mass departure it is especially possible to expect any surprises.

BE ready

That tickets will appear in two, and even is three times more expensive. The New Year`s agiotage is used perfectly even by budget airlines.

That you will not depart at that time which is specified in tickets. Dispatchers should find a window among regular flights. And it is a lot of charters...

to that in a suitcase it is necessary to stack a warm jacket. After returning even from the tropical countries it is quite possible to spend minutes 30 - 40 on an airfield - for charters a place at sleeves is not always.


the Fur-tree and Father Frost - only for tourists

New year in the majority of the exotic countries celebrate on the calendars, and celebrations will organise on December, 31st only for tourists.

BE ready

to that for 70 - 80 dollars (on the average) will include a celebratory New Year`s supper in your tour actually compulsorily. Many for this money the present disappointment - simple appetizer waits, for a wine half-bottle on a nose and short the cultural program on an hour - ones and a half.

If were not reserved by binge in advance among night to get hold of a bottle is from aerobatics area.


Has left on base

Practical Russian tourists almost always hope to combine business with pleasure: New Year`s rest with favourable shopping. Alas, Christmas sales for which so the European countries are famous, come to an end just on December, 25th.

BE ready

to that in the majority of the European countries in first two weeks after Christmas   shops will simply - naprosto are closed. The problem will arise even with purchase of souvenirs.

In Mecca the Russian shopping - Istanbul - on New Year`s feasts almost all shops also are closed.


the Release under the schedule

Legislative Europeans do not try to understand at all our lawful pleasure - to walk and drink all night long.

BE ready

to that on the night of January, 1st obsluga hotel, as usual, will early go to bed. And those who has stopped in boards and small hostels, will return from walks when light is extinguished. Before to hammer on the door and shout Lifting! check up - quite probably that the room key opens also an entrance door.

Travel and residing on magnificent Baltic ferries can appear a flour: weather at this time year vile, shtormit. And celebrations alternately with seasickness though will be remembered, but not in the list of the most pleasant minutes of life.

Features of New Year`s vacation

the Country, a city the Dirty trick
Goa, India
air +30, +35,
water +25, +26
be not conducted on celebrations in magnificent hotels - at beach restaurants - shekah and is more tasty, both is more cheerful, and is more exotic. And is twice cheaper.
Dubai, the United Arab Emirates
air +27, +30,
water +20 +23
At all pluses of this place it is not strongly adapted for a meeting of New year. Hotels 3 - 4 stars are located, as a rule, in a city. All feast - to sit at restaurant. To gad then on streets and to shout repertoire of Verki Serdjuchki leaves hardly - Muslim foundations are observed.
air +27, +32,
water +19, +22
As a rule, the New Year`s program in hotels skuchnovata also lasts not for long, then offer discos with belly dances in the street, and at night in Egypt cold - to plus 16. So ladies to an open sundress should take a jacket. It is better to be reserved by drinks: to you will bring alcohol more cheaply and it on all will not suffice...
air +26, +29,
water +23, +25
In the north of China, in Beijing, Harbin and other cities, in the end of December weather garantirovanno bad - about zero, snow - a rain, a wind. It is better to choose the south - island Hainan. There problems neither with rest, nor to celebrations usually does not happen.
air +28, +33,
water +26, +28
alcohol Transportation to Muslim Maldives has turned for Russians to sports. In hotel it is possible to buy everything, but it is expensive. And at the airport alcohol select, that in an integrity to return before a departure. That in what to pour and where to hide - solve in advance.
air - 5, - 8
the Big New Year`s problems at ours arise with traffic police. On any deaf path patrols can check up on sobriety of the driver not only the car, but also a snowmobile.
Amsterdam, London
air +5, 0
Are famous for New Year`s fireworks. From abundant of pyrotechnics dins in the ears, and from time to time it becomes terrible.
air - 1, - 3
Afromolodezh from suburbs felt in force and now can is impudent plunder the tourist in the face of passers-by. The people, as a rule, keep silence.
air 0, - 3
For New Year`s celebrations it is necessary to reserve a little table at restaurant. And not on a place - for a day - two it is impossible, and in advance - by phone or the Internet.
air +2, +5
All fun - in streets, in 3 - 4 mornings the struck people sit down in cars to part. This most dangerous time - Italians and sober drive not so...