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Back the road is not present. Forward - too

movement is complicated... - me from these words already in a shiver throws. It is not complicated - some days are simply corked successively. People stand hours in stoppers on all city. Also begin to boil for anger, hearing, for example, that also the centre is blocked. There that the Fur-tree arrange, Father Frost meet. Pair of thousand citizens are lucky enough to see it. And hundred thousand - curse how much in vain. Not by New year it will be told.
- At what here Father Frost? - Speak to us to the power. - feasts on a nose - people behind gifts go.
- Yes, - GAI officers joyfully agree and try to count, on how much percent has increased mashinopotok. That though as - that to justify. Would work as traffic controllers is better.  
Certainly, drivers too are not ideal. See what to slip, let us assume, a crossroads it is impossible - cars already stand there across. But all the same leave from the different parties and definitively partition off road each other. A result: nobody moves. The stopper corks highways going to it. And ahead also Father Frost...
Here the GAI officer in a role of the traffic controller which a striped stick would specify to whom and where to go and to whom to stand also was useful. Perhaps, also would resolve. But GAI officers any more do not execute for a long time the direct duties. And a word the traffic controller has disappeared from a lexicon.
GAI officers have portable radio sets and, the most important thing, a magic wall with screens on which all streets of Moscow are visible almost, - it regularly show on the TV against any important militian rank broadcasting about the next successes in the organisation of traffic. Well organise it actually. Do not want. As if specially would hide. Though is also such which laziness even to hide. They simply pretend that have to a stopper no any relation.
And after all there are among GAI officers hardworking guys. Itself saw. Them is the person ten. Stand in the mornings on Minsk of highway and perfectly regulate. Stop a steam of cars, going to the centre so they are built already to Odintsov. What for? Only in order that on a dividing strip cars with flashers and other trains with protection have driven. The way from district to the Triumphal arch occupies from usual people as a result of such adjustment ones and a half - two hours. Now, before the New year, all three. If will carry.

How to avoid Prenew Year`s stoppers in Moscow?
Victor pohmelkin, the deputy of the State Duma, the chairman of movement Motorists of Russia :
- It is necessary to create special body for struggle against stoppers. The person from whom it is possible to ask for this disgrace is necessary!  
Alexander IONKOV, the chief of department of the organisation of traffic of traffic police of St.-Petersburg:
- Is better would be to cancel New year... If there were any special schemes of movement which would help to struggle with stoppers, they would be involved for a long time. To drivers it should be worried simply...
Egor TITOV, the captain Moscow Spartaka :
- Stoppers it is simple a nightmare! One of these days I tried to be in time in a kindergarten on a New Year`s feast to a daughter. So instead of the planned 45 minutes went two hours. However to go down in the underground I do not gather yet, before our underground travel for a match with Interom years ten it did not do and for the following time as much again I will wait.
Joseph PRIGOZHIN, the producer:
-   In Moscow two problems: roads and fools drivers. The culture of driving simply is absent, everyone, wishing to slip, does not want to concede to anybody. It is necessary to make, as in Japan and China, multilevel lines.
Vyacheslav MALEZHIK, the singer and the composer:
-   Probably, it is necessary to limit a residence permit of the nonresident. The Soviet power was wise: the capital needs a functioning particular treatment.
Love USPENSKY, the singer:
- Stoppers in Moscow always, not only before New year so immunity was already developed. That this harm to avoid, it is necessary to be at home or change on the helicopter.
Anatoly HERMAN, the family psychologist, the adviser of the medical centre Healthy family :
- I have the day before yesterday spent in a stopper at Garden seven o`clock! To drivers   I would advise to have always in the car the most favourite audiobooks, disks with a course foreign - to take though any advantage from this brothel.
Renos HRISTOFORU, the adviser of embassy of Cyprus:
- It is possible, as in Nicosia, to make streets unilateral. And it is possible, as in Finland, - to buy a bicycle.
Alena, the reader of a site WWW. , Tolyatti:
- not to let out officials from work see you in the evening on December, 31st.
Than to be engaged, while you stand in a stopper.