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Let`s help the whole world!

within the limits of the first National charitable program “Billion trifle” the Union of the charitable organisations of Russia together with the operator of cellular communication “ the Megaphone “ have started carrying out charitable SMS - actions on fund raising on urgent paid operations, medicines and other medical aid to children, a sick cancer.

In Russia long since there is a tradition to help needing “ the whole world “. The situation with children sick of a cancer, whose parents not in forces to raise necessary quantity of money for carrying out of urgent operation or on other urgent help, without exaggeration the catastrophic.

Today children`s death rate from oncological diseases concedes in our country only death rates from accidents. The number of diseases grows on the average for a year on 20 %. Meanwhile, the cancer at children can be treated. But, by estimations of experts, oncology - one of the most expensive areas of medicine. Any state in the world cannot struggle with a cancer only own forces. For example, from the Russian budget means for treatment on the average only 20 % of children needing transplantation of a marrow go. Thus allocated sum, about 80 thousand roubles on the child, makes only 10 % from the necessary! Here not to do without social charitable programs on support onkobolnyh which practice has already proved the efficiency in the world.

In Russia the program " became such project; Billion trifle “. It provides gathering of 1 billion roubles in the form of donations on purchase for children of expensive medicines sick of a cancer, endoprotezov, payment of a bone marrow transplantation and deckman cages.

All together we can help these children. As modern mobile technologies simplify rendering of such help.

Charitable SMS - the action in Russia is spent for the first time. Not a secret that SMS - actions as the fund raising tool are extraordinary effective, - only the maintenance of such actions every possible votings, draws, quizes and other entertaining actions, as a rule, are, and the received means share in a certain proportion between operators of cellular communication, suppliers of a content and other participating in working out and carrying out of the action by the companies.

Feature starting charitable SMS - actions consists that all money (minus the obligatory VAT) completely will go on the declared purposes: urgent medical aid to children, a sick cancer.

It became possible thanks to persistence and persistence in achievement of the good purpose of the organizer of the action - the Union of the charitable organisations Russia (GATHERING) both to sincere and deep desire of Open Society “ the Megaphone “ to help GATHERING with realisation of the charitable action. For this purpose to employees “ the Megaphone “ It was necessary to develop uneasy system. “ a megaphone “ has incurred all expenses on technical support of the action throughout all period of its carrying out.

the Essence charitable SMS - actions is simple:

Any subscriber “ the Megaphone “ can help the Russian children a sick cancer, having sent SMS on number 5035

Cost of one SMS within the limits of charitable SMS - actions - 20 roubles (including the VAT). Such sum after each sent message will be written off from the bill of the supporter and minus taxes will arrive on the bill of children who are on treatment in scientific research institute of children`s oncology and haematology of the Russian oncological centre of science of a name of N.N.Blohina.

20 roubles - not so a great sum for each of us. But these 20 roubles will help to save life of the sick child. The child, whose future depends on us.

GATHERING collects monetary offerings by various ways. For today within the limits of the charitable program “ Billion trifle “ it is already collected 60 million roubles, the emergency help is rendered or is rescued from inevitable  destruction of ten children.

the Union of the charitable organisations understands, how the transparency of work of the charitable program is important. For this reason on the GATHERING site (www. sbornet. ru/ sms)   it is possible to look at all reports on the received offerings and on the one to whom exactly and what concrete help is already rendered.