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Jokes in number

Knock at a door. In apartment there is Father Frost. The little boy disappointedly asks:
- the Grandfather the Frost, and that at you a bag with gifts empty?!
- Shcha will be full! Well - ka open lockers - that!
It`s not true that in Russia all feasts drink without prosypu. Drink, only when wake up.
- Well here, we have bought the car, where it we will insure?
- I have already called in four insurance companies. In the first me have sent, to the second too have sent and in the third have sent...
- and Rosgosstrakh?
- and there have sent. Have explained that washing machines do not insure against stealing.
the World community has expressed desire to see on fast of the president of Turkmenia Ishankuli Nuryeva - names of other five applicants is impossible to utter on a broader scale...
to Sleep on work it is harmful, but it is favourable.
you synulja already was too old campaigns on a fur-tree, if:
- he suspects that Father Frost is drunk as always;
- to raise its beginnings the Snow Maiden;
- it counts up, a leah will cover the cost price of a gift the price of the invitation;
- except a gift from Father Frost, he waits still for something from the Snow Maiden;
- he refuses to go on New Year`s morning performance, giving reason for it that the chief will not release .
the Dog, having seen a New Year tree with a garland, speaks:
- Well at last - that in a toilet light have repaired!
to You dig a hole, and you do not disturb - will finish, you will make pool.
Jokes were told by journalists and readers and a site www. kulichki. com.
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