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Basayev is destroyed definitively

Central administrative board of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in Southern federal district does not doubt any more that remains of the person destroyed in the summer of this year during special action in Ingushetia, belong to Shamilju Basayev. To such conclusion inspectors have come after the Russian centre of judicial examinations has presented results molekuljarno - the genetic analysis.  

However while and it is not clear as such analysis managed to be made, after all for this purpose at experts should be so-called a comparative material (better to say, blood at least one of Basayev`s immediate families).

Half a year back the assistant to the Public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Ivan Sydoruk asserted that such material at inspectors is. But, referring to secrecy of the investigation, has refused to specify, at whom exactly from relatives were samples of DNA are taken. And after all the father, the brother, the sister and other straight lines   Basayev`s relatives already are not present in the live.

Here it also generated hearings that public prosecutors bluff.

However as it was possible to find out, till now remains to the unknown person   destiny of mother and two children of the terrorist 1. As have informed us in FSB management across the Chechen Republic, Basayev`s some immediate families live in distant mountain villages, trying not to be shone . Therefore it is very possible that the arrested person in Dagestan Basayev`s son-in-law has helped Office of Public Prosecutor to leave on July, 17th on them and to receive the sample a comparative material .