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Free places in high schools in 2007 becomes even less

Yesterday in Minobrnauki the board on which decided destiny of entrants - 2007 has taken place. As it was found out, to get to high school on budgetary places next year it becomes even more difficult.

- Ahead a demographic hole, therefore we reduce number of budgetary places, - with appreciable grief the head of Department of a state policy in education of Isaak the GUELDER-ROSE has reported.

next year from schools will be issued

by 1 million 105,7 thousand children that for 15,4 percent it is less, than was in 2006 - m. Thus in the country obvious search of people with higher education (23,2 % from all able-bodied population). Therefore free places in high schools becomes less - on the average for 6 percent. Will reduce a set basically at the expense of not profile specialities (for example to close faculty of law at agricultural institute). Also will reduce a set on humanitarian, economic and faculties of law: technicians are necessary to the country. And still qualified workers - in establishments of initial professional education a set insignificantly (on 2,5 %) are extremely necessary for economy, but is increased.


470 budgetary places on 1000 graduates 11 - h classes - such parity will adhere to Rosobrazovanie, allocating money for preparation in high schools at the expense of state treasury.

In 2007 on free places in high schools 529 thousand 614 persons (from them 372 thousand 91 people - on internal branches) can arrive.