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Hussein are ready to hang up already today

the Gallows for Saddam Hussein it is ready (that the death sentence to it is upheld, read in number for December, 27th of this year) . As the Arabian newspaper " has informed yesterday; Al - Hajat it have constructed in to a green zone Bagdad - territory carefully protected by Americans where all state institutions of Iraq and command of coalition forces are located. To get there to the stranger it is almost impossible.
Under the information which we had at the moment of signing of this number, it is not excluded that Saddam will hitch up already today. On December, 31st at Moslems a feast of immolation of Id al - Adha and to execute him on the eve of this day it would be rather symbolical for thousand Iraq Shiits which abhor Hussein. At least hundreds from them have already wished to become executioners eks - the president - therefore such haste.
- I think, chances that execute Hussein about New year, are very great, - the head of Committee of the international affairs of the Federation Council Michael MARGELOV has declared. - Of it want to get rid somewhat quicker very many - as in Iraq, and in the West. They understand that if Saddam will start talking, truth and about their activity will reveal.