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May Abrikosova have expelled from Houses - 2

All has begun still since then when May left the Sun. The pair participated in the project the Child - the robot . Newly appeared daddy was on shootings vypimshi, has insulted leaders and has finished the Sun before that it has simply collected things and has left back on the House - 2 . After the girl has declared on a place of execution that their relations with Apricot are finished, as May has very much changed and not to the best.
How much it was correct, all were convinced, when it has started to meet Alena Vodonaevoj. Time and again Apricots initiated scandals both with the girl, and with other participants of the project, afforded revilings in their address and in every possible way underlined the superiority. Eventually May has spoilt relations with all participants of the project.
One of these days Xenia Sobchak has called Abrikosova on conversation to discuss a current situation. But he not only has refused to communicate with the leader, but also simply with it has got nasty.
is was last drop, - has shared with the producer Houses - 2 Alexey MIHAJLOVSKY. - May has chosen for itself not so successful image of the such cynic. Time and again to it said that it will not result in what good. But he has not listened. Besides everything, May has started to break the internal schedule on the project. For example, could not be from a trip for perimetre in due time and disconnect phone. Eventually the decision was accepted that May should leave from the project. It to it it has been declared on a place of execution.
Details look on January, 1st.