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How to save on long distance calls

all the ways long to chat with native of other cities HOW to CALL PLUSES MINUSES
In the old manner, through Rostelecom . 8 - hooter - a city code (or the countries). If 8 it is disconnected, conversation can be reserved through the young lady : 8 - 13, 8 - 16 (intercity), 8 - 192, 8 - 191, 8 - 193 (zarubezh). This service is only at Rostelecom . Till January, 8th a discount for calls 20 - 55 % depending on a city. rather high tariffs. The bill comes separately, instead of together with the monthly receipt. (But if it was lost, the copy can be received free of charge by fax or e - a mail)
Through the new operator MTT . The bill will come together with the monthly receipt for phone (in it there was a new line). 8 - hooter - 53 - a city code - phone number. If abroad, 8 - hooter - 58 - a country code - a city code - phone number. If completely to pass to calls from the new operator, 53 and 58 it is not necessary to type. For this purpose leave the demand on ph. 8 - 800 - 333 - 09 - 90. While the operator new, it holds tariffs more low. For example, for those who has completely refused services Rostelecom in advantage MTT a discount till January, 31st - 50 % (for example, a call to Petersburg - 95 copeck/ minute, to Irkutsk or Khabarovsk - 2,8 rbl./ mines). It is necessary to learn new rules of a set and to solve a choice problem - a leah it is necessary to pass to the new operator.
Through IP - a telephony. to Buy a card in a booth (it is similar to a card of payment of a mobile phone). To erase a protective layer under which the password is printed. To call on city number written in a map, to enter the password, then a country code, a code of a city and phone number. the Cheap variant. Even without a celebratory discount minute of conversation with Petersburg costs approximately 60 copecks, with Irkutsk or Khabarovsk - 1,35 rbl. Difficult procedure of a set. Audibility is worse, as communication goes on the Internet - to channels. Frequently demands function tonovogo a set (is not on all devices and not on all automatic telephone exchanges of Moscow).
Through the computer with Internet connection and the program Skajp (Skype). to Download on the Internet program Skype (from a site www. skype. com) and to connect a microphone with ear-phones to the computer. Your interlocutor should make the same. Almost a freebie! (You pay only for time which have spent on the Internet.) Computers of both interlocutors should be equipped: Windows 2000, XP or Vista, the processor from 400 MHz; from 128 MB operative memory; from 15 MB an empty seat on a disk; a sound map, ear-phones and a microphone, Internet connection not more slowly, than 33,6 Kbps.
From public telephone booth Rostelecom (in their Moscow 17). Addresses and an operating time can be learnt on bodies. 07 . Come and reserve conversation at the young lady or call there from the call box (it more cheaply). the Good exit if houses are disconnected and the eight and the order through the operator. On point it is possible to send or receive a fax, to make a x-copy. it is expensive: Petersburg 6 - 8 rbl./ minute; Irkutsk - Khabarovsk 8 - 11 rbl./ minute Moreover it is necessary to reach point.
From a mobile phone, through the cellular operator. 8 - a city code - phone number. Hooter after 8 it is not necessary to wait. If call abroad, instead of 8 it is necessary to type + and a country code. Always near at hand. To have all conversations by a mobile phone easier and to pay it in one place. It is not necessary to go with different receipts. is even more expensive: 12 - 20 rbl./ minute irrespective of a city.
From MGTS call box. From 14 000 Moscow payphones long-distance/ international are 4000. To learn them it is possible on a label on the case. Number is typed the same as from the house. Can gain, when all other variants do not work: the eight it is disconnected, the mobile phone has sat down also etc. More expensively in total to Petersburg, for example, 50 rbl./ minute
Why it is difficult to phone in New year
the Peak of calls to other cities and the countries is necessary for a while since seven evenings till three nights when all aspire to congratulate each other happy New Year.
- Most of all Muscovites call to Petersburg, Moscow suburbs, Voronezh, Novgorod, Tula, Kaluga, Chelyabinsk and Ufa, - have told in the Moscow branch Rostelecom . - That everything have phoned, we include additional channels and we increase number of operators of service of Custom-made communication.
the Same with mobile phones: communication channels appear are occupied, and it is impossible to phone. SMS too reach not at once, and rise in turn. As modern tubes had a function of bulk mailing identical SMS to many addresses.
- So it is better to do it till 11 evenings or after 2 nights, - recommends Evgenie Dyomin from the Moscow branch Vympelcom .
to make the way on a line, use function avtodo - a ring.
There is also a supervision that on a straight line number is easier to phone, typing its full format: +7 - 903 - hhh - hh - hh a Biline +7 - 985 - hhh - hh - hh (MTS).
SMS it is possible to send on any device
already wrote that Muscovites had a possibility to send SMS - messages from stationary phones (from February, 20th of this year and number see a site www.) . However, special devices with the monitor (the list of such models look more low) are for this purpose necessary. Now to accept SMS it is possible on any stationary phones. The message text will be read by the automatic operator. And if at you the fax, SMS is unpacked. Cost of one message on stationary phone - 75 copecks, on mobile - 1 rouble (plus a monthly fee for such service - 54 roubles a month).
two More innovations: in - the first, now it is possible to send messages on electronic mail, and in - the second, it is possible to dispatch one pressing at once 10 identical SMS to different people. All can be made it only with heaped up devices with monitors. New services will work some months in a test mode and all this time will be free.
From what phone it is possible to send messages
1. Models Pilips:
DECT: 511, 515, 521, 525 and 623
Onis 300
TU 5321
Onis 300
VOX TU 5351
2. Models Siemens:
Gigaset: C100, C150, C200, C250, C340, C345, C350, C355, C450, C455, E450, E455, S100, S150, S440, S445, S645, SL100, SL150, SL440, SL550, SL555 and SL740
3. Models Panasonic:
4. Voxtel Select 1850, LG GT 7181 and Paliha - 750.
  a leah
Will take away from area direct Moscow phones?
Inhabitants of Moscow suburbs continue struggle for accessible communication with capital
Alexey Samohvalov and initiative group of nine persons have begun campaign against regional signalmen. We will remind, they want to translate all direct Moscow phones with a code 495 on situated near Moscow with codes 496 and 498 (it is detailed about it we wrote to October, 31st of this year and on a site www.) . Inhabitants of Moscow suburbs have received these numbers in Soviet period.
If changes will occur, then it is necessary to pay for a call to capital as under long distance communication tariffs: 2,5 roubles a minute since 8 mornings till 8 evenings in everyday life and 1,5 roubles in a minute since 8 evenings till 8 mornings and in target (now a payment only user`s - 200 roubles a month).
Replacement will concern 484 000 inhabitants even such, apparently, already Moscow areas, as Khimki, Mytischi, Odintsovo, Reutov, and also hundreds thousand the Muscovites, got used to call in area free of charge.
- And you have counted social consequences? - Alexey Samohvalov was converted to signalmen. - Imagine the lonely older persons, living only vesper conversations by phone with the native. They will appear in full isolation! And how to call on telephone hotlines - all of them in Moscow?! How to call in authorities of Moscow Region - they too in capital?! How much will be from it strokes, heart attacks?
In January Samohvalov will open a site on the Internet. There it will be possible to find the sample of the statement of claim against operators. And in the meantime the initiative group pesters the State Dumas and representations of the president in the Central district. The governor of Moscow Region of Thunders has responded meanwhile only. He has written the letter to the Minister of Communications with the request to protect subscribers. The answer while is not present. And TSentrtelekom has already made on Samohvalova the claim in court about protection of business reputation.
- We translate numbers under the writ of federal bodies, - signalmen speak. Is not our decision, we here at anything.
how the situation will develop, will necessarily inform in the following numbers.
How much will be povremenka in Moscow suburbs
C on February, 1st time wage of conversations is entered into Russia by home telephone numbers. The Moscow tariffs published in number from December, 6th of this year and on a site www. Inhabitants of Moscow suburbs - subscribers TSentrtelekoma - will pay less Muscovites. Here tariffs:
1. Bezlimitka - 290 rbl. a month. You pay once and you speak how much you want.
2. povremenka - 130 rbl. a month and 24 copecks for every minute.
3. Combined - 220 rbl. a month. 375 minutes of conversations here enter, and each following costs 19 copecks.
it is free: calls till 6 seconds and on emergency numbers.