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Rostropovich will meet a feast in hospital?

serious illness has saddened New Year`s feasts to Mstislavu Rostropovich. One of these days the legendary violoncellist urgently delivered in one of the Moscow clinics.
Doctors of hospital about arrival 79 - summer Mstislava Leopoldovicha have warned in advance, and they have prepared one of the best chambers. Mstislav Leopoldovich has appeared in clinic in second half of day.
- He complained of pains in the field of a stomach, looked tired, - have told to the correspondent in hospital. - to be defined with the diagnosis, we had to spend some inspections.
It was found out that at Mstislava Leopoldovicha the ulcer has become aggravated.
According to physicians, problems with health at the legendary musician have begun during its trip to Voronezh. There Rostropovich too has got to city hospital with severe pains. To help Mstislavu Leopoldovichu, the Voronezh doctors then   have made to it some pricks and it is strict - have strictly forbidden to overtire. However despite an interdiction, Rostropovich has not refused the planned actions. It has taken part in opening ceremony of a memorial board in Dmitry Shostakovich`s memory, has met students of the Voronezh university and city intelligency. Besides, the musician has familiarised in local archive with history some kind of (ancestors of the great violoncellist lived in Voronezh).
the Big loadings have hard affected on health 79 - the summer maestro.
- Now to it conservative treatment is appointed: droppers, medicines, - physicians speak. - we Hope that about New year we will manage to put to Mstislava Leopoldovicha on feet.