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Italians have transformed Zidana into a rag

About the well-known heading of Zidana for the past from the World championship ending on football half a year legends are combined, songs, books are written, computer games are let out. It would Seem, all - further already is no place! However not here - that was. In the pressing forward to maintain a notorious affair the world of capitalism does not know any borders. The Italian designer Alessandro of Ferrari has created a fashion line, cast to it, by its own words, that incident at the Berlin stadium.
Anything special not remarkable, its jersey differs from other brands only bright logo made of two little men, drawn in a manner Soviet the Sport lotto . By itself, one of silhouettes without any pity beats another a head in a chest.   the fashion line is called Xqua - from French pourquoi that is why . A question Why it has made it? Really tormented after the ending of everything, the answer was received by anybody, and now everyone is free to exercise the wit on - to the. While on possible deliveries of the goods to Russia it is not informed.