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As leaders of the country congratulated us happy New Year

Yeltsin has entered a fashion on glasses, Putin - on fur-trees, and congratulates Lukashenko short and laconically.

When on December, 31st all of us, expecting peal of bells, we listen to a congratulation of the president of the country very few people reflects that this tradition with each new leader of power regularly undergoes the changes. And it is absolutely difficult to present now that else no congratulations existing and in pomine.

Brezhnev: the tradition beginning

Actually, and television has widely entered into life of people rather recently, half a century yet has not passed. Therefore the Soviet citizens only in 1970 for the first time have seen on New Year`s Eve on the screen of the leader congratulating them with a feast. And, seemingly, for Brezhnev it too there was a stirring moment. Leonid Ilich frankly read the first broadcast appeal to the people on a piece of paper. On video it is well appreciable that this employment is given to it not without effort. The secretary general does not know first where to put hands, how simultaneously to read and look in the chamber. Therefore the next year a principle of record of the leader have changed. Words of seven-minute speech have written down large letters on a Whatman paper which held, sitting under the chamber, personally the director of a television centre Ostankino .

Congratulations of the secretary general reminded the report on the next plenum of the Central Committee more. Brezhnev told to the people that on all country hundreds enterprises have become operational, new highways are laid, new cities " have risen;. And in the end has wished successes in work for the blessing of the socialist native land .


Leonid Brezhnev, 1970:

It was the indelible year of great Lenin anniversary finishing year of the eighth five-years period. Year of self-denying work and the creation, new victories and fulfilments .

Gorbachev: Father Frost - the inventor

Michael Gorbachev, despite seeming external democratic character, has flatly refused to diversify an interior of studio the dressed up fur-tree or at least a fur-tree branch. And removed it not in studio Ostankino and already in own office in the Kremlin. The passion of the first President of the USSR to experiments in all possible areas has led to that US president Ronald Reagan congratulated on 1987 of the Soviet people, and Americans - accordingly Gorbachev.


Michael Gorbachev, 1989:

Behind trudnejshy year of the reorganisation begun by us. With the big pressure there is an economic reform, the situation in the consumer market has become aggravated. But now we imagine the purpose to which we aspire more clearly. It is a humane democratic socialism of a society of freedom and social justice .

Yeltsin: Bear champagne!

Boris Yeltsin conceived each New Year`s reference as a personal feast. And though to speak long it did not love, but was not afraid of new courses in this conservative genre. It he has decided that in the end of speech will give a toast with champagne. And for example, in 1997 Yeltsin has suggested to support words about family values with presence at a shot of all big family. And after words With New, 1998! with glasses in hands all people close to the president have entered into a shot. Here on New Year`s Eve Yeltsin spoke about the politician reluctantly. And even in black for Russia 1998 Boris Nikolaevich, summing up year, has not told words about a default.


Boris Yeltsin, 1998:

Year was uneasy for the country. But the New Year`s eve is always new hopes. I believe, New Year tree fires will warm even the most freezed hearts. Encourage those who near to you was tired and has despaired .

Putin goes on a record!

Vladimir Putin only once - in that 1999 when it had to replace Yeltsin in an emergency order, - congratulated fellow citizens from the Kremlin office. The next year it left on the Ivanovo area of the Kremlin and spoke with the country from - under sprawling fur-trees. The present New Year`s congratulation becomes for Putin record - the ninth.


Vladimir Putin, 1999:

In three months presidential elections of Russia will take place. I pay attention that minutes will not be vacuum of the power in the country. Was not and will not be!

AS IT was

the Short course of New Year`s congratulations

on December, 31st, 1935. The radio congratulation first in the country.

the Chairman of the Central Electoral Committee of the USSR Michael Ivanovich Kalinin has congratulated drifting polar explorers on long-distance communication waves.

on December, 31st, 1941. The first universal radio congratulation. All the same Kalinin was converted to all citizens and has told about results of the first year of war. Congratulations followed till 1944, then them have cancelled till 1953. But to the country the leader personally, and the CPSU Central Committee, the Supreme body and Ministerial council was already converted not.

on December, 31st, 1970. The first telecongratulation in the USSR.

Leonid Brezhnev was converted to the Soviet people ten minutes prior to New year. Since 1976 (it is frequent from - for unimportant state of health of secretaries general - Brezhnev, Antropov, Chernenko) instead of the first persons the country was congratulated by Igor Kirillov.

on December, 31st, 1985. The first telecongratulation of a new epoch.

Michael Gorbachev has renewed tradition and itself has gone on the air in some minutes till midnight.

on December, 31st, 1991. The first telecongratulation of the country the satirist.

the writer Michael Zadornov instead of the combined power of the president has congratulated the people happy New Year on the First channel. But timing has not kept within, from - for what it was necessary to detain translation of peal of bells. New year has come in the country a minute later.

on December, 31st, 1992. The first telecongratulation of the President of Russia.

Boris Yeltsin has entered tradition to be converted to people against the decorated fur-tree with a champagne glass in a hand.

on December, 31st, 1999. The well-known double telecongratulation.

at midday Boris Yeltsin has congratulated the people and has told that was tired and leaves. At midnight Vladimir Putin has told that gathered, as everything, to meet a house feast, listening to the president, and is urged to congratulate the country itself now.

Lukashenko has promised to transform Belarus into a stability islet

New Year`s pozdravljalki from the Belarus president unlike its other speeches always were short and laconic. To congratulations approaches conservatively: fellow citizens congratulates from the study. Alexander Lukashenko is always optimistical and in relation to a year leaving, and by a year to the future.

the Citation

Alexander Lukashenko, 2003:

Our planet is not becomes more safe and more merciful. We see, the world is how much fragile. As it needs protection against cruelty, violence and aggression To us, to Byelorussians, there is nothing to reproach. Nobody will accuse us that we cowardly were silent and pretended that we do not notice tvorimogo iniquity. Our young state did and does all from it depending for maintenance of the international security .