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In Vanda`s death the love is guilty?

the death of enamoured teenagers has forced their coevals to look at life other eyes

On Sunday, on January, 22nd, in the centre of Minsk, in the red house along the street Maxim Tanka there was a tragedy which has shaken all city. About six evenings from the tenth floor of a skyscraper, having broken double glass, two teenagers were threw out. The girl has broken to death. The guy in a grave condition is in resuscitation.

Vanda and Paul (names are changed. - Red.) Studied in the eighth grade prestigious capital school. Both well studied, both from safe families. Nothing foretold misfortunes.

Business of skilled inspectors - to find the guilty. We have tried to answer only questions which are set to the present day by the people knowing teenagers.

the Girl tried to keep the guy?

the Version that during tragedy on a technical floor there were vagabonds, have denied at once. This day the technical floor, under the statement of employees ZHESa, has been locked. Did not see strangers and the unique indirect witness of tragedy - the friend whom Vanda and Paul have asked to stand a floor more low, and have risen on the tenth to sort out relations tet - and - tet. Right after happened the friend said that scandals and shouts by a floor above did not hear. Teenagers about something told any time. The friend of Paul has heard a phrase: I so love you that life is ready to give! and trace a ring of the broken glass.

was " Further; Fast the scared neighbours, militia. The girl has died on the spot, the guy after falling was in consciousness and repeated a name: Vanda! Vanda! Vanda! in a grave condition of Paul have taken away in hospital. And though doctors do not disclose the diagnosis, it is known that at the guy the big problems with feet, cranial - a brain trauma and serious cuts, including necks. It means that, most likely, the boy has punched glass the first.

By that moment when the militia has appeared in time to a proprocession place, Paul remained in consciousness and even tried to creep up to a window. It is not excluded that it remained is live, because at falling the girl has softened blow. It could occur, if the pair kept the friend for the friend. Probably, Vanda tried to stop Paul, but could not.

Paul was frightened by Vanda`s forthcoming departure?

According to workers of school, teenagers studied in one class, were on friendly terms not the first year and have been enamoured each other.

Vanda`s Quivering friendship and Paul is remembered also by neighbours:

- It seems, still yesterday she in dolls played a porch. Has then grown. The boy it not saw off the first day this, met. Vandochku I named vishenka mine - the neigbour tells.

It is known for certain that Vanda this evening has met Paul after separation - the girl has returned one of these days from Germany where at this time there was her mother. It is possible to assume that especial relations to Paul have grown cold. According to the people well knowing these of teenagers, the last 3 - 4 months Vanda began to look less aside ardently enamoured Paul.

It is impossible to confirm for certain, but it is not excluded that Paul has painfullly conceived laying ahead Vanda`s departure to Germany for ever. It meant separation a minimum to majority, that is for four years.

And a leah there could be an accident?

it is valid, this day, on January, 22nd, in the street there were thirty-degree bitter cold. Probably, protective glass at an entrance in the size in human growth (70 centimetres at width, 150 in height) became fragile, and by easy pressing (teenagers could lean the elbows elementary) it has burst or was scattered.

According to the deputy director of institute of physics of a firm body, the candidate fiziko - Alexander Akimova`s mathematical sciences, the situation when glass can burst at temperature a minus 30, is improbable:

- At windowpanes is gosty, and in a glass ideal should maintain temperature to a minus 60. Purely theoretically in glass there are certain points - concentration of pressure, and at temperature influence in it there can be a non-uniform compression of a material. If glass to touch during these pressure (compression), it can burst.

However the version of the burst glass seems improbable: it is not necessary to forget that the width of a window is no more 70 centimetres. And it means, if internal glass has burst casually, teenagers would have time to grasp hands a wall.

the QUESTION the lattice was not the EDGE

Why at windows?

Anyway save life to teenagers the elementary trifle - an iron lattice which is established at other same windows on inhabited floors at all entrances could.

However when we have arrived to the house after some days after tragedy, on the tenth floor the lattice already stood. And the input in a technical floor premise has been tightly closed not only on the lock, but also protected by a lattice. Chief ZHESa 62 whom the house in the street the Tank concerns, has found it difficult to respond, a leah are assumed on uninhabited floors of a lattice.

to answer it a question we have called in UP Minskproekt

Having learnt, for what we are interested in history of windows and protections of the red house on the Tank, the employee has noticed:

is after all a real problem. In Minsk of full houses with a glass cover in weigh growth. I live in such house. If to reflect, a leah everywhere there is lattices, you lift the whole problem on a city.

Glanced in the documentation on the request experts have specified that in architecturally - construction plans of construction of this house of a lattice are provided on all floors.


This history has turned upside down consciousness of many people. Including Vanda`s familiar contemporaries and Paul. The school forum bears to it, on which adults children in perplexity unburden the heart at night and state an estimation to the happened.

Super detk (on January, 24th. 1. 45)

I remember when with Denis rastals, me Us predlogal on a bet to be thrown off with Ritinogo of the house, still hardly - hardly and I could go there, but understood that I not on would love Denis what to lose life so much. And all ogranichelos then as you remember, suppression about a hand of bull-calves (at me till now on a hand ozhyog).

Electra (on January, 24th. 1. 51)

I 100000 times tried to make something with themselves that nepoluchalos that dissuaded that thought a lot that still that - ned. But now I understand that it I will achieve nothing also I understand on how much it awfully!

Super detk (on January, 24th. 2. 00)

Yes! Electra I with you agree! You remember as we with you then sat as two d. Also spoke that now we can be thrown off!!! Yes the delirium is all!!!! I would become on edge proposti and simply was frightened for fear and for desire to live! I have understood that I simply was the silly woman! I suffered affliction from - for any guy and if that day I would listen to Nasa and drunk have gone on a roof and was threw off... What would change??? And? Anything. It would become simple to live difficultly to my parents and native. Denis simply would forget. And I??? And here I any more do not know it... Also I hope that yet soon I learn! I SIMPLY WANT to LIVE And ALL!!!

(Spelling and a correspondence punctuation at a forum are saved. - Red.)


On the statistican, in 2005 in Minsk it has been made two suicides among children and 5 among teenagers. Not complete attempts of a suicide it is fixed 26 among children and 93 among teenagers.