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Video - toasts and video - congratulations to our readers from known people on the threshold of a Year of the Rat!

persons of the Belarus show - business have congratulated readers on coming feasts on a site www. Incidents, ridiculous situations and, certainly, the successes connected with life of our stars, we regularly publish on newspaper pages. It is pleasant to understand that our actors - people with humour. What to hide, happens, and take offence on Komsomol publications. And here New Year`s feasts have come, and the majority of stars of a domestic platform have smiled and have with all the heart congratulated readers!

Residents Comedies klab have wished our readers in new year more rustling lavandosa! Group Topless led by producer Maxim Aleynikov to each girl on the guy, and each guy - on to Mercedes ! The vijay of First musical Ljusja Lushik to find the significant others And singer Ruslan Alehno with all the heart - that the expiring year was the worst in life .

Congratulate Ruslan ALEHNO, Gjunesh ABASOVA, Alexander SOLODUHA on children and the driver, Irina DROFEEVA.

Congratulate Arseny SEDOV (on cheerful speech - a toast:) ), inimitable Ljusja LUSHCHIK, charming Larissa GRIBALEVA, group neo and Da Vinci group.

Congratulate Galina SHISHKOV and Sergey EPIHOV, Zhannet, young perespektivnaja group Colour of an aloe Board of directors (!! Inna RADAEVA congratulates forumchan to Serzha and Mind!!!) .

Anna SHARKUNOVA, matchless Polina SMOLOVA (!!! Too does not forget about forumchan!!! ), Iskui ABALJAN, Vladimir KUBYSHKIN and laconic Vladimir PUGACH.

Congratulate Maxim ALEYNIKOV and group Topless Victor LABKOVICH, Ivan VABISHCHEVICH (GUM KLAB 76 percent ) Ilya MITKO, group Pull - Push group Merri Poppins .

Alexey ZHIGALKOVICH, Peter ELFIMOV, group CHuk and Gek the comedian - show Brothers Timid .

we Express gratitude for shooting to Sergey PIGULEVSKY and to Alexander KOTESHOVU.