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In Belarus champagne has ended?

in Osipovichah have already sold all celebratory drink put on quotas.

- Once a year this champagne is necessary, and it now in our city not to find even at familiar sellers! - called in inhabitant Osipovichej Zoe Alekseevna does not believe that New year should be met with infringement of traditions. - in shops one shipuchka which does not shoot, and what feast without a taking off champagne cork? But in executive committee respond that on champagne quotas are settled. Also advise to drink juice.

In Osipovichsky executive committee have confirmed that all champagne allocated for quarter is sold: you know that in Belarus this year problems with champagne - from - for a poor harvest do not suffice raw materials for its manufacture, here and delivered it on quotas in certain quantity But we solve this question, and today - tomorrow to a city will in addition bring champagne .

- Matter is not in deficiency of champagne, and in lacks of work of the purchasing organisations, - employees of the Minsk factory of sparkling wines consider. - champagne this year it is let out at all less, than in the past. And to its regions should suffice.