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The drunk driver has to death brought down the girl at a bus stop in Minsk

Militia cannot establish yet the person of the lost.

In the night from 26 for December, 27th “Honda“, at the wheel which sat 28 - the summer driver, has at great speed flown on a stop in the street Altay in Minsk and has brought down 20 - the summer girl. The car has stopped only when ran into a stop. The girl from the received traumas has died on the spot. By the way, before the driver already deprived of the rights for pjanku at the wheel.

- How much the guy has drunk that day, it is not known, as he has refused survey, - the chief of investigatory department UGAI of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Dmitry has explained KISSEL. - the witness of incident tells that the driver “ Hondas “ has overtaken it at great speed and when has brought down the girl, has instantly disappeared.

When the guy detained, it actively resisted. But that the most awful - he has not confessed till now in a criminal conduct.

At the girl there were no documents, therefore its person is now established. By sight lost years 20, a thin constitution, hair black, long, growth of 165 centimetres. Has been dressed in a short jacket it is grey - brown colour, a knitted scarf of red colour, knitted gloves of black colour, a black sweater, sine - blue jeans and boots brown with a fur edge. Employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs ask to be converted into a call centre of all who has any information on the lost.

Against the young driver criminal case under article 317 of a part 2 is brought. To the guy threatens till five years of imprisonment.