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The Petersburg pensioner has sent Lukashenko money

the Belarus president in the answer has presented to it the refrigerator and the TV.

Petersburg pensioner Galina Makeeva has decided to support Belarus after has learnt about the frozen abacus of Belneftehima and sanctions against Belarus. Has collected 26 370 Russian roubles (approximately one thousand dollars) and has sent transfer personally to Alexander Lukashenko.

We managed to phone to Galina Jakovlevne.

- Yes, have passed me gifts. But they became for me unexpectedness. I after all sent transfer not for gifts. What is the friend? It after all you will not estimate money, anything! - the voice of the elderly woman was very quiet, even careful. She spoke slowly, obviously selecting words.

- the Friend - you mean Belarus, the president?.

- Belarus, Russia, Ukraine On a broader scale.

- And you Russian?

- Yes. But we the identical people, I consider. As speak, one blood.

- But why nevertheless have decided money to send?

- to you, probably, have told, on what motives as as already spoilt phone has gone, therefore I on many calls on a broader scale refuse to talk. On the Internet there was any nonsense. To me as have read, I in shock was I respect and I appreciate the Belarus people. They good fellows simply. And to you has carried with the president, very fair president. When spoke about the frozen bills and so on But it does not have bills abroad! I have sent money to the president as to the private person. He knows, how it is better to dispose of them. Everything, good to you of New year, good-bye, - and Galina Jakovlevna has hanged up.

As we managed to learn, generous pensioner lives with the son - the student, the daughter on a trip. A family rather poor, conditions in the house very modest. To Galina Jakovlevne 59 years, speak, it still earns additionally. The son studies and works in furniture firm. Money in the house obviously was not superfluous. But with the son they live in peace and friendship, and the guy has supported the decision of mother. A pier, mum - the woman resolute if something has solved, will make.

Except the letter which is for certain invaluable, the pensioner has received from president Lukashenko the TV Horizon new generation, with the plasma screen for 1 million 894 136 Belarus roubles (it is visible, on a clearing settlement) and the refrigerator Atlant for 779 980 roubles.


She very much was embarrassed, when gifts have brought

the Head of Petersburg consulate of Belarus in Russia in St.-Petersburg Dmitry SIVITSKY has personally handed over to the pensioner gifts of the president:

- Have brought to it the letter of thanks, the TV and the refrigerator. Galina Jakovlevna very much was embarrassed. We have sat on small kuhonke, have drunk to tea

- Why she has sent money, she has told?

- It not indifferent and very resolute person. Has told that unfair blockade of Belarus from the USA is conducted, EU it even on mail have asked: why supposedly to the Belarus president, instead of ours? She has told, what knows, what does

- In Belarus it happens?

- Was only once, in the childhood. And with its country anything especially does not connect.

- Where presidential gifts have defined?

- the Refrigerator have put in a corridor. At them there already one was, old, we our new have unpacked also nearby have put down. The TV - in a room.