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Children have sewed for Lukashenko a bear with a stick

And the president has promised that it becomes easier to parents to nurture children.

On a premiere of New Year`s performance in the Republic Palace there has arrived Alexander Lukashenko. That is why to watch representation have invited the best children - actors, honours pupils, winners of the Olympic Games, competitions. Has gathered almost three thousand schoolboys from all country.

- On our children`s home of a distance five invitation, - are told by the director of one of capital children`s homes. - we have chosen most - most - the girl who has best finished a quarter, the boy who is best dances We even was bought by celebratory suits that who on the president to look will go. Expensively, of course, but for the sake of such case!

- That to you the president has told? - I ask after representation the children who have arrived from Slutsk.

- That studied well.

- Will be?

- it was necessary to respond something

- Lukashenko has told that it will make so that next year it was easy to our parents to nurture us, - the little girl has sadly smiled. - and I do not have parents, I from children`s home.

- And I sat through one armchair from the president! - the girl of years of eleven has bragged. - All performance looked not at a scene, and on Alexander Grigorevicha. Here only it any sad was: applauded, smiled, and eyes all the same the sad! I have tried to encourage him, have winked at it, and he has not seen... But all the same knowingly I from Mogilyov went!

And children from the Palace of children and youth even have presented to the president of the big bear with a stick in paws. Have specially sewed in view of that. To kiddies too have handed over gifts from the president - a sweet and soft toys - mice.

About what there was a performance?

the Spark which is played by the participant of a children`s Eurovision Andrey Kunets, has wanted to become fireworks. But has contacted the bad company - petards. And they have decided to spoil a New Year`s feast. But Father Frost - (it Vladimir Radzivilov has played) - all has rescued. In the end of a musical on a scene leaves fireworks of talents - too participants children`s Eurovisions - Ksjusha Sitnik, Lesha Zhigalkovich. The ensemble participates In a musical Verasjata and musical registration was thought up by Vladimir Rainchik. The main director of Youth variety theatre Vyacheslav Panin became the director of New Year`s action.

Performance will go till January, 6th.