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Byelorussians buy cars, but Economists save gasoline

have defined incidents of year.

the Main consumer incident of the expiring year, according to experts of the analytical centre Strategy there were record purchases of cars in Belarus. Has put, of course, not that Byelorussians have bought on 23 % of a car more. And that thus they have bought less gasoline - on 10 %. Economist Leonid ZAIKO has about it joked:

- At such rates in 10 years we will not consume at all gasoline and we will show the Belarus fig to the Russian oil oligarchs.

Byelorussians and that have begun to buy up antiques Have surprised. In comparison with last year in present to the country have brought four times more subjects of art and antiques.

- Effect of prosperity against gas attack of Russia. We obrazovanny, are invincible and wise, - has commented on Zaiko.

One more discrepancy: In the country began to drink more but less to have a snack. This year Byelorussians have bought on 13 % of more vodka and on 25 % of more beer. And only on 11,5 % there is more than appetizer! Probably, all the matter is that the appetizer rises in price faster alcohol.