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The New Year`s gift of the president to students has turned out modest

the Increase to the grant will be eaten by the ticket at cinema.

On the eve of New year the president has presented a gift to students - has signed the decree about increase of grants. Now to students of high schools, for example, will pay on 6600 - 10 100 roubles more. But the most important thing that should pay an increase both for November, and for December.

However, it is strong on this money you will not take a walk. An increase will gobble up 2 - 3 tickets at cinema the prices on which have jumped up together with grants. Earlier the ticket cost only 5 - 6 thousand roubles, since December, 20th - 7, and in the cinema House - and all 10 thousand.

- For a long time already in Europe the ticket price in usual day - 6 euros, and in day of a premiere - 18 - 20 euros! - director UP " speaks; kinovideoprokat Vasily KOKTYSH. - In Moscow and that the ticket at cinema costs 8 dollars. And we constrain the prices! And now the prices have risen only at cinemas where are established new hollow - systems.

So economical students (and to other Byelorussians too) on viewings should get out in the remote areas - there cinemas easier and tickets are cheaper.


How much the Belarus students will receive?

- in high schools - from 89   400 to 142   600 roubles

- in technical schools - from 75   100 to 120   100 roubles

- in the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE - from 48   300 to 77   300 roubles