Rus News Journal

In 2008 - m Byelorussians will eat too much of cheese, all to drag in the house and to use cunning, solving questions!

has found out at known sportsmen, designers, singers and the models which were born in year of the Rat that us to expect from this beast.

In the east of rats think differently, than in the West. Why - that we at the sight of a rat give out at once br - r - r! And here in Japan, for example, the rat is considered the companion of god of happiness. And absence having a tail in the house - a bad sign. Ostensibly rats run only from the sinking ship.

Perhaps and truth, we underestimate rats?

Vitaly SHCHERBO, the Olympic champion

Vitaly SHCHERBO, the Olympic champion,

year of birth - 1972:

Rats - too imperious and responsible!

- If to judge on itself, at the Rat a domineering character. Such with inclinations of the exacting owner, the boss. I, for example, too responsible. It means - always I remember that I do that I speak and I am responsible for the words. Any to itself slabinki and never! Means, year will pass under the aegis of responsible people. Still the people born in year of the Rat - punctual. I hope, associates will be late less.

Ivan AJPLATOV, the designer

Ivan AJPLATOV, the designer,

year of birth - 1972:

Let`s eat too much of cheese and to make love!

- the Rat seems to much opposite, outwardly unattractive. But rats breed as madwomen! At least - they sexual. Means, and we this year will make love more. Thus, we will support the government program on birth rate increase. Then, the Rat very much loves cheese. I, by the way, too. So this year we will eat too much of cheese. To cheese wine is required. The attractive picture turns out: we love each other, we eat cheese, we drink wine Cheerful life us expects!

Anna MOLIBOGA, model.

Anna MOLIBOGA, known model,

year of birth - 1984:

We, mice, artful and careful!

- I was born in a year of the Earthen Rat. Hundred percent the people born this year, it is constant where - that aspire and come to the purpose the first. Rats bear all in the house. All for a family. And more they artful, careful and workaholics. Let cunning does not frighten you. This merit. Having three different ways on which it is necessary to reach one point, a rat all will consider also all - taki will find the shortest. On New Year`s Eve I will comply the rat cheese and wine. Recently has read article that for each zodiac sign in a year of the Rat it is necessary to select especial grades of cheeses. Here in it now also I am engaged! When I meet the person, which is born in a year of the Rat (if it on zodiac sign the Aries), we will quickly find common language!

Lesha ZHIGALKOVICH, the winner children`s Eurovisions - 2007

Lesha ZHIGALKOVICH, the winner children`s Eurovisions - 2007

year of birth - 1996:

Year will be cheerful, it is exact!

- In vain all are afraid a rat. It only seems that it terrible. Actually the way which the rat extracts to itself meal is terrible. And so it bright, is a bit artful. I too the such. The rat purposeful, it will make everything to achieve the. I too for the sake of victory am ready to make all. It seems to me, this year Rats will be very cheerful. Also it will appear even better, than year which comes to an end.

Ellina ZVEREVA, the Olympic champion, the thrower of a kernel.

Ellina ZVEREVA, the Olympic champion, the thrower of a kernel,

year of birth - 1960:

this year it is possible to catch good luck for a tail!

- Rats clever, nice. Disgusting they only on a dustbin when an infection carry. I will ask to ask you to me a question on rats a year or two from now. It is my big secret. When I will explain why, it will be very interesting to you. And year laying ahead, I think, will be good. The main thing - it not to oversleep!

the Duet Alexander and Konstantin

Konstantin, a duet Alexander and Konstantin

year of birth - 1972:

we Wait for the big profits!

- Rats clever, sharp, seize hurriedly. Thousand years live side by side with the person and survive! White rats - beautiful. I, unfortunately, a black rat. Terrible. 2008 should be profitable because rats everything that incorrectly lies, try to drag off to itself.

we with Sashej had an amusing case: in demountable apartment in which we lived, someone has started to gnaw in our absence bread and packages from kefir. Long to hunt for a ghost it was not necessary. In one of days we have seen that all these small dirty tricks were done by very lovely rat. We have become friends with it!