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To Alexander Gleb`s first trainer will pay 40 million

Vladimir Sinjakevich has received the share from the contract of the halfback with London the Arsenal .

the European football laws have provided sports dinamovskoj to the school which has nurtured Gleb, percent from the German transaction Stuttgart with English the Arsenal . In 2005 the contract approximately on 18 million euro has been signed. Byelorussians long beat out the percent from Englishmen and at last - taki have received 283 thousand euro. They have been listed on settlement account BFSO the Dynamo . In turn dinamovskoe the management has made decision to pay to Gleb`s first trainer of 5 percent from the listed sum - 40 million roubles.

- To me have given out half of sum, and the rest will pay within five months, - has told Vladimir Ivanovich.

- As will spend money?

- I Will give to the children. At me all is.

- And what salary at you?

- I work at the same school as the trainer and I receive 780 thousand roubles a month. So this sum for me solid, but I cannot tell that completely with it is happy. It was possible and to give more. You know, what prices at us.