Rus News Journal

Minchanin has died, having fallen to a porcelain cup

Splinters have deeply wounded to it a neck.

44 - the summer neighbour inhabitants of street of Leschinsky in Minsk discuss destruction with undisguised horror and bewilderment.

- in the Evening on December, 27th we saw, how Dima (the name is changed. - Red.) On a balcony drank with the companion, - neighbours of the victim remember. - then, as well as it is necessary, he has gone to bed. And at night as speak, has woken up and has decided to descend on kitchen to drink waters. There all also happens. Has slipped, has broken a porcelain cup and has fallen to it.

Has fallen a neck. Not clearly, why could not rise itself. It is not known, when and in what status it was found by relatives when have called Fast one is authentically known only: from plentiful krovopoteri it has died on the spot. The consequence tends to that the man was lost by accident. Law enforcement bodies yet do not see any crime in this history.

- As so it has turned out? Why it have not rescued? - The neigbour is perplexed. - anywhere Dima did not go at night, always it saw in the evening walking a dog. Scandals in a family it was not audible.

We have phoned in apartment of the victim. The tube was removed by the wife.

- the Husband drank often, here and was lost so ridiculously, - the wife of the victim sighs heavily.