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Alexander MILINKEVICH: Image forces to be cut more shortly

last week uniform has spent in Minsk only one day. But has not allowed to Alexander Milinkevichu to take rest. As soon as it has arrived from Strasbourg, we have thrust on a visit to the applicant in presidents.

On a dream of time does not suffice

- Yes what here to show? We live in Minsk on demountable apartment, Alexander Vladimirovich has warned. - here if there was time in Grodno to go There in 50 kilometres from a city, in village Bershty, I have constructed the house. The present rural hut - the ground floor six on six metres, the second - six on six. A rural court yard, lake. I there have a rest. And in this apartment we with the wife only come to spend the night. Here and tomorrow in five mornings to rise.

For the period of elections Alexander Milinkevich and his wife Inna have removed dvushku In Minsk pjatietazhke. Conditions have got from owners. The ancient TV on long black legs, in sleeping - a folding sofa, in a hall the former basketball player Milinkevich touches with a head a chandelier.

- And from the good that have brought?

- Ware, a teapot, a tulle, curtains. The musical centre with itself have transported, the computer too ours. The cosiness is created by photos of sons. And souvenirs which we bring from different cities. Here to me have presented boots that has bypassed all Belarus, and she is the wife has brought hand bells - collects.

here still very much hours do not suffice Us - with a pendulum, with fight. I have seven old watch, some were bought from grannies, something repaired. I in 80 - h taught at university in Algeria the physics, have earned for those times the big money. And as the passion to study of local lore at me always was, bought pictures of the Grodno artists, icons. I, when have got acquainted with the Grodno bohemia, became more lyric poet, than the physicist.

- And where these all relics are now stored, in Bershtah?

- In village to take away strashnovato, there from me the lock idle time, on a floor - a turn it is closed, something at Inna in apartment in Brest hangs. Something at the elder son in Grodno. Here all will not take place.

In demountable apartment all has hardly taken place Komsomol delegation. Journalists have occupied armchairs and sofas, and the owner has taken place opposite, on a chair.

- We thought, we will see Milinkevicha who simply is ready to drop. - Alexander Vladimirovich in house slippers and a knitted vest and his wife, the political scientist by training, set the table.

- Absolute truth, time for a dream does not suffice, this night for the first time for long time has a little slept. And before, during visits to Strasbourg and Warsaw, at half past three laid down and in seven rose. And so weeks. Well, anything, I the strong muzhik, will sustain. Forces me suffices. And then, when you see return, you are loaded. Before election campaign thought that signatures will collect improbably difficult. And it was then convinced that the fear, of course, is, but very many people in a status to overcome it. For us public prosecutors, people from customs, from the Executive Committees of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies subscribed. Worse with belief of people that it is possible to change something. But gradually it appears.

- Yes, knowingly you of the incorrigible optimist name.

- If saw that it would be impossible, could lower hands. We always when across Belarus we go, on the markets go. Before us asked, who we such. And now the majority is interested: What will you make, when become the president?

- Also what you speak to voters when those ask impossible, for example contributions to return

- Why it is impossible? The problem of contributions was in all Soviet republics. Where - that it successfully solved, where - that is not present. One of ways: money from privatisation (and at us almost it is privatised nothing) to start up on returning to the population contributions. As it they, people, have constructed factories in due time. It is not necessary to beat breast and speak, I will solve all problems is a pure populism. But I say that I know, how it became in other countries what mechanisms are. I worked in the Grodno executive committee and in a course that in the budget always there is money, because no requirement always more than possibility. But there are priorities, and on the government depends, with what they will be. It is possible after all not to cost something huge, and to start up this money for return of contributions.

Fair moonshine to try will risk?

- All settle? - The wife has asked. - We can offer those who will dare to try, the present rural moonshine, infused on grasses. It to us from - under Grodno have brought. From such badly does not happen. On appetizer - draniki with meat. Will risk?

- And as!

Samogon Milinkevich has taken out from a balcony in a clay mug.

- Excuse, it is possible to you on a balcony to glance? - We have become interested in such stocks. But on a balcony, to journalistic disappointment, more it has appeared nothing.

- And you thought, at me there the tank costs? Same for visitors - rural, fair moonshine to try.

Has tried a fair drink even a female half. We confirm - next morning it was not bad.

- And that prepare?

- I in meal very much nepriveredliv. I love Belarusian cuisine - draniki, machanku. I can prepare present Uzbek plov. Has learnt from Uzbeks, when in a hostel in Minsk from postgraduate study of veins. For them it is the present sacramental - within five hours perform a religious rite on kitchen. It is necessary to stand once nearby and it is possible to repeat.

- By the way, about repetitions. On last presidential election too there was an applicant from Grodno - Simeon Domash. At you there that, atmosphere special?

- Grodno historically was and remains politically active city. At us it is all was born from study of local lore, culture and language. The city grew at the expense of agricultural population. But in Grodno the local spirit was saved, the urbanization did not manage to destroy this unique atmosphere.

- you saw, than all has ended for the last applicant from Grodno, and have all the same decided to go on elections.

- I go not behind the power and not that to build people. The purpose - to reach other life. I have for this purpose a will, there is knowledge. I want to change life in our country.

We from Merkel both physicists

- And how it is necessary to change itself, own image?

- It is necessary to be cut more shortly, noblesse oblige. Earlier at me hair were longer. And in clothes I prefer more sports style, in the winter, for example, dublenku a burden - in the car so it is more convenient. But it is unpresentable. It was necessary to buy a black coat, suits.

- And suits expensive?

- Is not present, I Polish buy, and boots at me Russian. Last suit cost about 230 thousand. Sits perfectly!

- And in it go to Europe?

- Certainly, I when the president of Poland met, have noted for myself as it is simple it is dressed. In Europe clothes differently concern, do not aspire to a lustre.

- By the way, a vest on you of handwork. Who knitted?

- My first wife Natasha. We managed to save good friendly relations. And a vest 10 years, and, on - to mine, it well looks.

- And as about the report in high offices. You will meet now the president of Eurocommission Jose Barozo, with German chancellor Angela Merkel. Who learns to rules of dialogue with the first persons?

- In the Polish diet with me there was an accompanying person who spoke: now you go here, sit down here. Such people accompanied all visitors. And at a meeting with Merkel to me have advised to remind it that I the physicist, it after all too the physicist, - has laughed Milinkevich. - Actually, I do not shiver, when I enter into these high offices. Normally, easy I feel. Now to Belarus there is an interest in Europe. And I consider that it is very important. official Belarus isolated itself, cut off from tendencies of the European development. But there is other Belarus which appreciates prospect and cooperation.

- Excuse, but at last it is necessary to ask. Here to you tomorrow to rise in five mornings, and in apartment so much journalists have become hollow. And you very easy respond to all questions. To Zhirinovsky`s same barrackings in Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe did not react. You on a broader scale as - nibud can be deduced from itself?

- I, of course, have lacks, but coolness - one of worthiness. Some say that to me rigidity does not suffice. But rigidity happens different. Happens ostentatious - when the person knocks a fist on a table. And happens internal - if you make the decision always you achieve the objective.