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The wife has found the killer to kill the child of the competitor

In appearance it there was a usual family. Lena, knowing about Yury`s adventures, all to it forgave, and here the child on the party could not forgive... She has been assured that so will return love of the husband

- you would hear it!!! Kill! Beat! And a floor-mat, a floor-mat! Like beautiful, the intelligent woman, - is terrified Grigory who has played in this history a role of the hired killer. - I now itself get divorced from the wife and have understood that it not jokes. Mine too... Can.

32 - the summer inhabitant of the Belarus small town the Birch has conceived terrible after has understood: the husband leaves it with two children. They held it in a family. 3 - summer Mashku and 13 - summer Gleb (from first marriage) Jura adored Leninogo of the son. And here has decided to leave definitively. Razluchnitsa waited for the child.

I to it will not rarefy a stomach!

the Killer was marvellously easily. Lena has shared the problem with the neighbour, the former convict, and it has there and then handed over the customer of militia...

In some days on a meeting with it there has arrived the unshaven bald jockstrap on break to ten ... Actually - the cop.

- And why child?! How I will get it? A stomach, a leah that, I will rarefy?! And if she dies? It costs more expensively, - bade up the killer .

- As you want! He/she is my man! I have made its person, and when he has ceased to drink and began to bring from Russia on 2 - 3 thousand dollars, all has got to this a knot.

the Auction went round 100 dollars. As a result have converged on 300.

to Threats have not believed

- Lena called to us both in the afternoon, and at night: I will beat, I will kill, acid I will pour. But we did not believe, - mum of the competitor Christina Gennadevna tells. - And I at once as soon as Jura at us has appeared, have asked: You are married or dissolved? I would not allow the daughter to interfere with a family. But Jura has told: It is dissolved . The pier lives with it cannot, because money is necessary to it only.

About divorce Jurku has not told lies

Divorce Lena frightened first ten years of home life that did not drink. And he drank terribly. Could leave the house behind bread, and return in two weeks.

to feed children, Lena traded in spirit and bought up stolen at local drunks. For it has paid off the penalty and dislike of militia.

And has then bothered to frighten, took and has divorced. And it - there are miracles! - has stopped to drink. Also has persuaded the wife to give birth. Three years before asked.

With the advent of Mashenki Lenino woman`s happiness has begun. Having learnt that the wife is pregnant, Jura was coded. And to a registry office did not go any more...

From all husbands leave

Razluchnitsa with already round accurate tummy, rolling over, left to us in a corridor of Kosovan hospital where works as the nurse. The seventh month. To it behaviour of the former wife not clearly. To what these passions?

- From thousand women husbands leave. And I have dispersed from the first husband. And the father has thrown my mum. But as a result all have found to themselves new husbands and wives. Also are happy. And it! It is not pleasant to men, when demand, - in the 26 years Oksana has already acquired this worldly wisdom.

- And as Jura during time murders itself conducted?

- it is quiet. He has already got used. Children feels sorry, and it is not present. Razluchnitsa Oksana, having endured stress, hopes that all at them with Juroj will be good.

Under the scenario the child was lost in road accident

When local police officers have told to Oksana that it the yet not born child it is reserved to the killer, it has run into a stupor. Have hardly calmed.

Have developed the plan: the pregnant competitor is forced down by the car, at it the bleeding opens... Doctors cannot rescue the child. Actually Oksana simply - naprosto hide.

And at this time Lena went to pay off with the killer and has called the girlfriend: I have got into crapes. More than anything I can not tell. But if in minutes 20 - 30 phone ceases to respond, means, with me something happens. Call parents. Let children will take away...

She has understood that it have calculated, but left the car to give money. There and then it have put on handcuffs.

LOOK CHILDREN, Instead of me

In cottage settlement under the Birch at the grandmother with the grandfather there live Mashka and Gleb. Lena waits for court in a pre-trial detention centre of the city of Baranovichi. To it threatens till 10 years of imprisonment. And her mother is killed from a grief.

- you would see that was created with my daughter: Mummy, to me without it not to live. I all the same will die. I love it - Nina Grigorevna cries and clutches at the head. - I was afraid, hands on myself will impose. We have taken away it with children to ourselves, and it a layer lay on a sofa...

In a room with a mum`s bag three-year Mashenka has run in.

- You where gather? To mum?

the Babe nods. And the grandmother cries.

In a pre-trial detention centre Lena the second month. Also writes therefrom to mum: the Mummy, you to me do not do such passes, I know, how to you it is heavy... Look children, instead of me .

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