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Blondes have got out of fashion

In Belarus again search for the most beautiful girl - since January, 9th a casting on competition " will begin; Ms. Belarus - 2008 . It is interesting that the title of the main beauty of the country last years got exclusively to blondes. In 2002 - m the crown has decorated Olga Nevdah`s lucid mind, in 2004 - m - Olga Antropovoj (it now it the brunette and then at it was melirovanie). And in 2006 - the m of all competitors were bypassed by blonde Ekaterina Litvinova.

At competition Ms. Minsk - 2007 red-haired Vasilisa Rymzha has defeated.

Julja Sindeeva

to Brunette Jule Sindeevoj carries at the international competitions

In 2006 Julja became vitse - Ms. Belarus . In the autumn of the same year it has taken the fourth place at competition Ms. Europe and in 2007 - m

Darya Aniskova

In January Darya Aniskova leaves in New York on a competition podium the Supermodel of the world .

- the Slavonic type of beauty is now demanded, - the director of Studio of a fashion Sergey NAGORNYJ has told. - But often our light-haired girls clarify hair, and we return them their natural colour. Though at a choice of model it not a determinative. The person is important. In a year there is one - two new persons, and then under them under them steal up clones .

- As soon as in jury dispute whom from girls to give a crown begins, necessarily somebody will tell: how name our country? Belarus blue-eyed! Means, the winner should have blue eyes and a fair hair - after all it is the Belarus type of beauty!. This argument difficult something to interrupt, - the director of National school of beauty Olga SEREZHNIKOVA speaks. A leah will proceed tradition - the big question. After all at the international beauty contests even more often conquer brunettes.

Ms. of the World - 2007 Chzhan Tszy the Tench.

And AS At THEM Asians come on all fronts - Moscow

- At beauty contests the defining opinion is an opinion of the owner of competition, - Olga Serezhnikova speaks. - And owners of the international beauty contests - private persons. For example, competition Ms. of the world some decades the family of Morli, and the owner of competition " spends; Miss Universe - Donald Tramp. They had tastes, and at these competitions often enough conquer brunettes. And here competition Ms. Europe passes from hand to hand, and, for example, when Lebaneses were its owners, they chose blondes.


the Psychologist Maria KAMSKY:

- the Stereotype men prefer blondes Was born from this the fact that blond girls attract at once attention in crowd. Men stop on them a sight purely reflex, but they fall in love after all both in red, and with brunettes, and in brown-haired women.

Other stereotype - blondes look sexually - it is connected by that more concrete shortcuts are imposed other types of women. For example, the majority of men agree that brunettes accept an epithet passionate and red - fatal . Blondes managed the most indistinct epithet.

But that depending on hair colour change the self-estimation of the woman and its relation to world around - the fact can change. When ladies are recoloured in the blonde, at them the self-estimation and behaviour very strongly changes. They feel more confident.


Last blonde will die in two hundred years in Helsinki

Some scientists have come to a conclusion that soon on the Earth there will be no natural blondes. German researchers have counted up that last natural blonde will be born approximately in 2200 in Finland. Already now number of fair-haired people was reduced from 49 % to 14 % from - for genetic laws (the gene of dark hair and eyes dominates and stifles a gene light) and social (consists the interracial marriages conducting to destruction of a fair hair) more and more. Besides, the basic carriers belokurosti - Europeans - are limited, as a rule, to one child in a family. And it is one more way to, that as a result to remain in minority . So already today to blondes it is necessary to concern as a scientific rarity.


From blond the Bond has turned away even!

it is Literally on the eve of the competition ending Ms. Russia - 2007 the choice and the legendary agent 007 has made. The conservative Englishman any more does not stop for a long time the sight at blondes. Here and in a new film (which leaves on screens in 2008-) the brunette, 22 - summer actress Dzhemma Arterton becomes the girl of the Bond. It will replace on responsible fast other dark-haired grace - Eve Green who has acted in film together in Denielom Krejgom in the Casino the Grand piano .


the Blonde participates in competition with a prize in 1 000 000 dollars.

1. Centenary war How much lasted?

) 116; 99; 100; 150

the Blonde passes a question.

2. In what country have invented hats?

Brazil; Chile; Panama; Ecuador.

the Blonde asks the help of a hall.

3. How call king George The Sixth?

Albert; George; Manuel.

the blonde gets fortunetelling maps.

4. From what animal there is a name of Canary Islands:

a canary; a kangaroo; a dog; a rat?

the Blonde bowls off.

If you consider yourself clever and have much laughed over the blonde honour the right answers:

1. Centenary war lasted 116 years - with 1337 for 1453.

2. Panama has invented in Ecuador.

3. A name of king George - Albert. It has changed it in 1936.

4. The name of Canary Islands occurs from a dog. The Latin name - Canis.

Irina of Kalinin, Dmitry SMIRNOV.