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The Belarus ministers met New year on work

And singers and sportsmen - in a way.

traditionally new year celebrate with olive and champagne. But that feast which has passed not by rules is remembered in many years only. has asked the Belarus ministers, singers and sportsmen to tell about the most unusual New year in their life

On a table at ministers - a goose with apples

On a table at ministers - a goose with apples

For the Minister of Energy of Belarus Alexander of the LAKE New year not a feast if on a table there is no fried goose. However, some years the main thing country power should see off the last old year and to meet new on work. For example, the peal of bells, informed ward of 2007, Alexander Vladimirovich has heard in Moscow at signing of the contract on delivery of gas.

to Minister of Justice Victor GOLOVANOVU eve 2001 was most of all remembered.

- I then worked as the chief of the main legal department of Presidential Administration. It seemed, already all tails Has tightened, as the offer on here arrives to installing the new Criminal code. It was shock! - the main lawyer of the country remembers. - the matter is that under the new law it was necessary to reconsider thousand sentences. Many people would return home. About it all year was blown by newspapers. And here the such!

New 2001 to Victor Grigorevichu then should be met on work. Some hours prior to a feast at the president has passed meeting on which have decided that the new code all - taki will come into force.

the Minister of housing and communal services of Belarus Vladimir BELOHVOSTOV New year prefers to mark houses, with a family.

- And on a New Year`s table necessarily there should be mushrooms which itself nasobiral in the autumn, - Vladimir Maksimovich admits.

However, and the extreme feast in life of the minister too was. In youth Vladimir Belohvostov met New year in Raubichah. And not in any cottage or in a sauna, and in usual wood, in tent.

the Most remembered New year Minister of Education Alexander RADKOV has met in army.

- I then ministered in artillery to a regiment in Uruche. Understand, army, strict discipline. But there was such sensation of a feast, changes! At first there was a solemn construction, then a dinner, instead of pearl-barley porridge of a distance buckwheat And here the alcohol and walks was not. Have waited New year and in ten minutes - a release.

Now Alexander Mihajlovich collects on New Year`s Eve all family - children, grandsons, brothers And on a festive table necessarily goose rubbed with a lemon and baked with antonovkoj.

For New year in a trolley bus has drunk even the driver

Tamara Lisitsky met New year in the company of seven thousand persons.

to Work in the heat of a feast it is necessary not only to ministers, but also stars. The first working new year Tamara LISITSKY remembers is better.

- With DJs the Alpha - radio in 2001 - m we on the October area in Minsk conducted a celebratory concert. My turn to step on the stage was about eleven hours. Time approaches by New year, and the actor whom I should declare, does not go. To the people on the area about seven thousand. And all wait for something especial. What to do?! One minute prior to peal of bells I step on the stage. I become to a microphone and I speak: Happy New Year! and the area seven thousand voices responds hurrah! such wild happiness has covered, such vbros energy that I felt in space. This minute about New year I cannot forget never.

Poplavsky and Tihanovich believe in New Year`s signs.

Jadviga POPLAVSKY and Alexander TIHANOVICH remember, how met New year in a trolley bus

- the Ridiculous situation left, - the master of the Belarus platform Alexander TIHANOVICH laughs loudly. - it seems, came 1982 - j. We have arrived on December, 31st late from a concert. And in a family tradition - it is necessary to congratulate parents. Have quickly changed clothes and with gifts to the. Have congratulated the mother-in-law on the father-in-law, then run on Charles Libkhneta to my mum. And, of course, in eleven evenings we would like to return to ourselves home. Long waited at a stop a trolley bus - vosmerochku . At last - that it has arrived. And when we were near Glavpochtamta, have seen on huge hours that already without a minute twelve. a pancake what to do?! at us with itself a champagne bottle. And as in a fairy tale: exactly in a zero of hours the zero of minutes on a traffic light lights up red light. The driver, without hesitation, left the cabin, has got directly from a glove compartment a thick glass tumbler, and we three together, without leaving a trolley bus, have drunk for New year. Since then almost every year we meet on the journey. Here also do not believe after that in signs!

Olga Barabanshchikova has remembered Santa Claus in swimming trunks.

Unusually is when drunk Fathers Frost sunbathe on a beach

Met New year in transport and the tennis-player - singer Olga BARABANSHCHIKOVA

- Once to me was necessary to have a feast in the plane. Me calmed supposedly it it will be cheerful, unusual. It has appeared not so raduzhno. Thank God that on a broader scale me have woken. A feast has not felt.

And here New year which I have spent in Australia on a beach, I will not forget never. It was ridiculous. A heap of people in red shorts, with a white beard, such Fathers Frost on rest. All with glasses. In Australia too like to take a walk decently. At any moment I have looked round on the parties - drunk Fathers Frost with beer bottles sunbathe on a beach. Unusually!

In a way New year and Sergey DOLIDOVICH met, the leader of modular Belarus on cross-countries

- I has met 2006 together with all command at filling station. Competitions in Czechia, but, despite offers of organizers have the day before ended, to remain we have not wanted. Have decided to go home. On refuelling have opened a bottle of champagne and at 12 o`clock have drunk for New year. In six mornings I was in Minsk. Children already slept, has had breakfast with the wife and has gone to bed. I consider that New year - a family feast, but, unfortunately, not always turns out to note it with a family. Here, for example, 2005 - j the wife has met in maternity home - on December, 29th at us the second daughter was born. I have decided not to go on visitors and at half past twelve already slept.

Has prepared Olga antipenko, Raisa MURASHKINA, Andrey OSMOLOVSKY.