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The president has received a medal from hands of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Alexander Lukashenko and its command have again won Christmas international hockey tournament.

Alexander, Victor and Dmitry Lukashenko there were on ice four days on end. During opening of tournament the president spoke on - russki, and the voice of the announcer translated it into English. Speech, as well as transfer, have been confirmed in advance, but to speak on a piece of paper the Belarus president does not love. As a result transfer has started to disperse from the original. For example, on - anglijski has sounded that hockey players play for fans and spectators ( admirers and spectators ) . At Lukashenko this phrase was much more colourful:

Alexander Lukashenko plays hockey.

- We play for the sake of those who comes to these halls who looks - thousand people! - on all monitors in Minsk this match, all those who worries about us. We play for spectators, on spectators!

In the ending commands of Belarus and Russia again have converged. We will remind, last year " command has unexpectedly defeated; Gazprom (before two years of the first there was Lukashenko`s team), and then also has left to itself a cup! This year Byelorussians have made a new prize and any more did not play with Gazprom . The command of a city of Tolyatti participated In tournament.

Alexander Lukashenko plays hockey.

the Belarus president so actively battled to the Russian team that once even has fallen - whether have pushed, whether has slipped. The moment was so unusual that tribunes have reacted a roar and an applause. On a broader scale to the president in it 53 years are possible to compete to young rivals and, according to experts, Lukashenko - the senior plays better, than his sons. After game the head of Federation of hockey of Belarus, Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov has awarded with a gold medal and has shaken hands with each winner, including to the president. Alexander Lukashenko at award delivery even has removed for a minute the unique black helmet (at other members of team helmets red). And in speech has paid attention that Year of health has begun with hockey tournament:

Alexander Lukashenko plays hockey.

- Now sacred, great feasts Anybody and wine-glasses has not tried in this time. An example as we will live in next year! - here from tribunes claps, whistle and shouts were distributed.

- I have understood, spectators not so with enthusiasm have conceived this my part of speech, - the president has there and then reacted. - but keep in mind that we still have possibility today, last day Christmas, on - to the present, on - to ours, on - slavjanski to celebrate this feast! - also has received in the answer the present ovation from tribunes.

Alexander Lukashenko plays hockey.

and in a temple Alexander Lukashenko spoke about a five-years period

On the ending of hockey tournament on January, 7th has arrived from Minsk Piously - Duhova of a cathedral church. The president has arrived on carol service with a bouquet of roses and with the icon of Seraphim embroidered with beads Sorovsky to a gift to a temple. Has received as a gift an icon, has quoted words of Jesus from the gospel of St. Matthew and has put a candle.

- I both from the government and from all people demand, that we did not lower a hand that we after feasts have fast forgotten these celebrations celebratory and have started working. And the Lord learnt us, - on last phrase of the president people in a temple have laughed. - therefore I very much ask you: tomorrow it is necessary to be switched. Tomorrow it is necessary to start to work that also to us, and our children in the future, and to our grandsons was better. It is defining year of a current five-years period.