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In January of frosts any more will not be

In 2008 will be anomalies - wild heat or an awful cold.

on January, 5th there was the coldest day of new year: the temperature on severo - the country east has fallen to a minus of 21 degrees. Have suffered not only noses and ears of Byelorussians, but also crops rapsa. But this breath of winter has exhausted forces of January, and till the end of a month any more will not be neither colds, nor strong snowfalls, promises Belgidromet.

next week we are waited by small deposits, and by a weekend snow will turn to a rain. On roads a glaze ice which - where fogs are expected. Within the next few days air temperature in territory of Belarus will be raznitsja from 0 to a minus 13. To days off becomes warmer, on the average about zero, at night - a light frost, and in the afternoon - to plus 1 - 2 degrees.

Weather forecasters consider that the come year of the Rat will appear not similar on 2007 - j. It appears, year of the Pig was abnormal! The mid-annual temperature - on 2 degrees above climatic norm, January and March already on 7 degrees is warmer, than it is necessary, and the winter has come only in the end of January. But in the end of February the thermometer which - where showed to a minus of 32 degrees.