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What will be with the Belarus businessmen?

problems ipeshnikov will cost a pretty penny buyers.

the New Year`s miracle for which to the last hoped almost all ipeshniki in the country, and does not happen. An interdiction about employment of those who is not the near relation, have not cancelled. Moreover, on the eve of feasts the president about it was rather categorically voiced: What have we made? Individually work one, carry, sell - here to you and privileges. As a last resort, a distance outlet - you can take the near relations for work. What in it bad? Normally, I consider .

And already on January, 1st, 2008 buyers have faced the become empty counters - the majority of sellers of the markets and shopping centres have not come to work.

has tried to assume, as events can develop further.


IP all - taki will force to go in CHUP

This variant it is most favourable to the government. That spodvignut pig-headed businessmen to replace the form of work, the power even have made a concession - transition terms in CHUP under the simplified diagramme have prolonged till March, 1st.

On closed after New year boksah and pavilions there were tablets: the Trading place does not work in connection with renewal of documents . Really ipeshniki so have easily agreed on against what struggled the whole year?

- At us on CHUP will make out units, - has told the owner of a shop in the Moscow market. - almost all who now does not work, simply open IP on the sellers.

That this variant can mean for business:

Many ipeshniki, risked nevertheless to grow to CHUPa, can be ruined.

That this variant can mean for the consumer:

Buyers will face deficiency of many goods. After all newborn CHUPu will need to pay more taxes. It is how much more - to tell difficult. One sellers say that the rise in prices will be percent on 10, others - on all 50.


Ipeshniki will try to bypass the decree about family business

Possibilities for this purpose a little. Someone can pass on frank black work schemes (for example to sell the goods from hands, on apartments and so on). Someone will illegally employ sellers. There is also quite lawful scheme.

- the Notorious decree after all not only can be bypassed, but also bypass already, - leader ROO " has declared in December of last year; Prospect Anatoly SHUMCHENKO. - Have made the workers individual businessmen - and all. Taxes thus it will be necessary to pay the same.

That this variant can mean for business:

Ipeshnik who was the owner earlier, gets to dependence on the seller. Formally - that after all will change nothing: the one who went behind the goods, and behind it will go, and the one who stood up for a counter, will continue to stand behind it. Here only newly appeared ipeshnik - the seller - already the figure independent also can demand equality.

If ipeshniki will go by the way of illegal schemes risk and at all to get under a consequence.

That this variant could mean for the consumer:

Registration of the seller as IP practically will not be reflected in buyers. But grey The market will instantly urge forward a rise in prices (to supervise them it becomes impossible), and here to protect the rights if, for example, have bought the poor-quality goods, it will be already impossible.


Businessmen will arrange rebellion

the Absenteeism of many sellers on the workplaces after New Year`s feasts (and those by different estimations is from 80 to 90 %), of course, impresses. However, it is impossible to tell precisely, how much businessmen actually strike, how much are engaged in renewal of documents, and how much have simply gone on leave.

Besides strike ipeshniki are going to spend marches, meetings and pickets. The first unapproved exit on the October area is planned for January, 10th.

That this variant can mean for business:

- Certainly, to the authorities it delivers some politiko - psychological discomfort, but no more, - the analyst Alexander potupa is convinced. - for IP it will not bring Any essential positive consequences.

That this variant can mean for the consumer:

the Become empty trading numbers in the markets and in shopping centres will allow those who remained on work, to rise in the price. After all if sellers becomes less, the buyer any more will not have a possibility to look for the same goods for the smaller price.


the Government will cancel the decree about family business

Probability of it, actually, the zero. All the matter is that leaving from business of several tens thousand persons does not frighten the government. In the market their place already occupy or more powerful legal bodies (the same hypermarkets, for example) are going to occupy.

That this variant can mean for business:

Ipeshniki could finish till the end of 2008 by existing rules. Since 2009 their life all the same will become complicated: will cancel, for example, firm the VAT at trade with Russia. However, for this year many could independently, instead of under pressure, select the form of business necessary to them on the future.

That this variant can mean for the consumer:

Millions Byelorussians could and save further money for purchase of many goods and services. Besides, the assortment of many goods (especially clothes) would be wider.


203 thousand ipeshnikov was in Belarus for October, 1st, 2007.

64 thousand businessmen used wage labour.

11 thousand from them have issued CHUP.