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And what the state can make for your health?

the president declared 2008 in Belarus Year of health. In this connection a question.

Valery of LECTURERS, the deputy of the House of Representatives:

- It is necessary to show to people a positive example. Here look, the professor lectures about harm of smoking, and then leaves for a door and smokes. Who to it will believe? And how much people suffering affliction adiposity! Among heads especially it is a lot of full. Here all at them also look. And in the system of public health services changes are necessary. Come into polyclinic, there constantly turns. At the doctor on the patient some minutes as he to it will tell about a healthy way of life.

Yury KARETNIKOV, the politician:

- the State can absolutely make nothing for health of the concrete person. The person himself should have certain values and motivating. On me if only the state did not prevent to be engaged in favourite sports.

Vladimir MAKSIMCHUK, the main expert in narcology of Ministry of Health:

- I think that this year for us, physicians, will be the present examination on professionalism. We should make everything to improve our old workings out and, of course, to create the new.

Andrey GONCHAROV, the engineer:

- I consider that an atomic power station and health - two incompatible things. Therefore it is strange to declare Year of health and in parallel to plan vozdvizhenija the atomic power station.

Alexander YEFIMOV, the trainer on track and field athletics:

- If the person itself will not force to make thrifty use of the health no state will help. If you can not refuse alcohol and tobacco then limit itself, go in for sports.

Elena prokopova, the teacher of school:

- the Best that the state can make for health of teachers, not urge them to drag pupils on different actions for creation of effect of packed houses Only has come to the senses after a hockey match as have informed that it is necessary to conduct pupils on football. I feel, this so-called Year of health I and my class should represent from myself passionate fans yet time.

Dmitrys SERGEYS, the loader:

- There is such joke: if you love the state - die right after a retirement.

the Harmonous Pug, the visitor of a site It would be desirable less stresses and nonsenses in the state scale.