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In Grodno and Bridges declared a flu epidemic

the Flu epidemic it is declared in two Belarus cities - Bridges grippujut a week (since February, 14th), Grodno - with 17 - go. This year epidemic develops very non-standard. Usually the virus goes from Russia, and grippuet at first the country north. And here the first fallen before it of a city - in the south.

- last year northern cities - Polotsk, Novopolotsk at first were ill, - Raisa the BUG, the deputy the chief of department immunoprofilaktiki and supervision for air - drop infections of the Republican centre of hygiene and epidemiologii speaks. - And here in Grodno and the Lead were ill less, there remains more people without immunity.

this year the flu epidemic has begun later, than in the past, on two weeks:

- last year in Novopolotsk and Postabs declared epidemic on February, 3rd. And epidemic has ended on March, 3rd.

we Remind that epidemic appears in the event that in a city three days on end quantity of the diseased three times exceeds threshold level of disease. Level pays off for each city separately. For Minsk, for example, such the standard on the diseased for Monday of February - 1732 persons. Excess on one day already there were in Baranovichi, Soligorsk and Mogilyov, and two days grippuet the Lead. In Minsk a flu nedotjagivaet to epidemic absolutely anything - excess in capital 2,3 times, last week were ill 18 thousand 278 persons.