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Leah you trust newspapers?

we have decided to set this question to townspeople on the eve of January, 13th when Day of a Russian press

Artem, jobless:

- Yes, I trust that write in newspapers. Usually interesujusnovostjami, criminal reports, that as a whole occurs in the country. And now here by means of newspapers I hope to find work.

Tatyana, the student:

- Is not present, I do not trust newspapers! I consider that much from this that write to them, is decided for the sake of sensation. Especially society columns, there on a broader scale can write anything you like! Perhaps, the only thing that else though as - that can be believed, are criminal messages. There there are facts, and to deform them difficultly enough.

Anna Markovna, the architect:

- it is difficult to tell. There are newspapers which I read very much for a long time and has already got used to trust them. But all the same, happens, materials where it is obviously visible come across that all it is written for the sake of a red word. Therefore it is necessary to approach it is selected also most to understand: that truth and that is not present.

Vasily, the city visitor:

- I have arrived from Kazakhstan. There at us the newspaper absolutely others. If it is fair, a lot of yellowness, and already as - that is less than trust. But all the same I read newspapers, after all it is necessary whence - to learn that news.

Stas, the student:

- Looking what newspapers. Is such which can be trusted. And is obviously yellow, they can be honoured for entertainment, but no more that...

Marina, the student:

- Yes, I trust newspapers. From them always it is possible to learn the latest news, and at the TV not always you have time to look. Usually I read I like its reportings and style of giving of news. It is possible to tell that it is the newspaper to which I trust!

Andrey Kopalova`s photo.