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And you as escape from a flu?

Tamara Ivanovna, the pensioner:

- It is preferred to struggle with a flu folk remedies. CHesnochok, luchok is first business. Tea to drink with a raspberry, with a lemon every day. From - that we use it, us in a family for a long time already a flu were not ill.

Alexey, jobless:

- From a flu I have one good means - every morning 100 gramme!

Maria Mironov, the homemaker:

- Any special measures on struggle against a flu I personally do not undertake. But to children has put inoculations. While they are healthy.

Valentina Pavlovna, the working pensioner:

- I have an own recipe of a medicine for a flu. Rise in the morning, small - small crumble a little zubchikov garlic and eat them, it is possible to wash down with a lemon syrup. And have then breakfast. Be not afraid, the smell will not be. And a guarantee that you are protected from an infection, for all day is!

Anatoly Alekseevich, jobless:

- Medicines against a flu I buy in a drugstore. It is possible to accept Upsovit with vitamin C. And if was unwell, then a Terra of Flju . And on a broader scale it is better to ask in a drugstore what to accept against a flu. There will always advise.

Andrey Kopalova`s photo.