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From - for a flu doctors work without days off

Epidemic threshold in Novosibirsk is exceeded for 24 percent. From - for it in each polyclinic daily including during week-end, the additional brigade of doctors

the Flu is on duty has started to attack a city in December. Then practically every week doctors registered on hundred cases of disease by a flu. And here from the beginning of this year the quantity ill with a flu has sharply increased. Only for the past week January the dangerous diagnosis have put 584 converted to doctors behind the help. Hundred with superfluous the person it is hospitalised.

- in spite of the fact that the number ill with a flu has increased, to speak about epidemic meanwhile early, - has informed Leonty KOZLOVSKY, managing epidotdelom regional sanepidemstantsii. - In - the first, we still at all have not reached indicators of last year, and in - the second, the total of patients with diagnosis ORVI has considerably decreased. Besides, while at us it is not registered any lethal exod, and we hope that the situation to the worst will not change.

according to Leontija Ignatevicha, across Novosibirsk and area now walk two viruses of a flu of group And and groups In, both are accompanied by high temperature and the general intoxication of an organism. In polyclinics for struggle against an infection enter additional measures. Doctors work in the strengthened mode, without days off.

- we had to allocate for the weekend an additional brigade of therapists, - Natalia PAVLOVA, the head physician of polyclinic 4 has told to us. - to the People with a flu goes much. For last week we had 171 call, and in 79 cases we have diagnosed a flu. That is on the average for a day to us 15 persons are converted nearby.

warming which has fallen down now townspeople, according to physicians, at all does not contribute in situation improvement. Strangely enough, that a stream grippoznikov Has decreased, fall of temperature to - 20 degrees is necessary.

(if you have a recipe which rescues you from a flu, share it with other readers Saltymakova