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« Siberia » has suffered the most devastating defeat in a season

After a funny first goal novosibirtsy have become unstuck, and metallurgists have crushed visitors with the bill 7:0

Three washers have thrown with an interval three minutes

Hockey fight between Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist and Novosibirsk Siberia taken place akkurat for old New year within the limits of the championship of Russia, has begun with a funny thing. In the first period the goalkeeper Siberia Alexander Vjuhin has lost track of a washer. Just it flied to its gate and has suddenly dropped out of sight... Vjuhin began to look around in perplexity around, without having noticed that the washer has got stuck directly at it between feet... But this fact has beheld attacking the Metallurgist Dmitry Piskunov, has struck a stick and the rubber disk has dropped in there where went, to gate Siberia - 1:0.

Later the trainer novosibirtsev Vladimir Semenov has declared that so comical goal was reflected in the most pitiable image in mood of its wards. And it is valid, Siberians have become puzzled, have weakened defence. As a result, have received in the gate seven washers! Three of them have been thrown in last period: one for another with an interval three minutes! Thus the goalkeeper the Metallurgist Canadian Norm Marakl left a match dry - it has not passed any washer. The bill, by the way, could be and 8:0. The matter is that one of goals the Metallurgist judges have not included. The goalkeeper Siberia Alexander Fomitchyov has caught a washer in the a trap . But has caught while the washer was in collars! The goal was so obvious, as the red lantern as it is necessary, has lighted up, and fans on tribunes have habitually roared from delight and have jumped from the armchairs to express admiration to a favorite team. However, arbitrators after long meetings have made a helpless gesture: the pier, is not present a goal, in vain rejoiced. Fans have there and then declined judges in every possible way.

- morons! Is was most decent the word which has sounded from tribunes to dear arbitrators. Fans the Metallurgist during a match on judges that is akoj tooth zaimeli that only keep! For example, when attacking Siberia Daniel Brand has knocked down magnitogortsa Evgenie Koreshkova, have punished why - that both: Brand for a delay of the opponent a stick and Koreshkova for unsportsmanlike behaviour . It that the Backs, brought down enemy a stick, it was stretched on ice?

nevertheless, at the Metallurgist in the championship 78 points were typed already, he has densely taken seat on the Russian hockey throne, and to dethrone it therefrom extremely difficult.

the Goalkeeper kisses gate, and players refuse shaving

During a match between uraltsami and Siberians the washer flew on tribunes of fans " twice; the Metallurgist . It threw out back on ice though usually fans hide the washer which has flown to them in a pocket - on a souvenir. It has appeared, there is such sign: if the washer has visited collars of the opponent and has suddenly got on tribunes, it is necessary to return it back because this washer - happy for owners, and should remain in game. Here if the washer has visited collars of the Magnitogorsk command then fans would put by it at once: let supposedly will change, bad a washer on the new.

Goalkeepers Siberia were powerless against attacking owners.

In sports, as it is known, all is fastened on superstition. Each player has signs in which he strictly believes. Someone rises in the morning before game only from the right foot, and the fads then dresses in a certain order. Many players before a responsible match avoid shaving. Hockey players leave the superstitions at themselves. Anybody from them will not tell, from what foot it rises in the mornings, and through what shoulder spits out in a locker room. However observant fans notice much. For example, the Canadian goalkeeper Magnitogorsk Norms of Marakl each time in the game beginning kisses... The top bar of gate. And one of trainers the Metallurgist necessarily before a match spreads on a table an untouched pack of the cigarettes symbolising closed from goals of the opponent of a collar of its command. Once this not opened pack was seen by the photographer wandering in search of tobacco. He has unpacked a pack and has smoked... From a rough handling of the unlucky journalist has rescued only that the Metallurgist that day has won a match.

fans as regards superstitions do not lag behind the substitutes on a jot. Tell that the actor of Magnitogorsk dramatic theatre and the passionate fan the Metallurgist Sajdo Kurbanov during game never removes the jacket. Was some times such: will remove Sajdo a jacket, and the Magnitogorsk command there and then starts to pass washers. Kurbanov`s friends it prosekli and strictly watch now that the actor till the end of a match remained in outer clothing.

and in Magnitogorsk there was a hockey sign: that the favorite team has won victory, it is necessary to call only on a match of the correspondent - Chelyabinsk . For example, in Magnitogorsk all games on which our person looked, came to the end dry victory Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist : at Tolyatti Frets magnitogortsy have won with the bill 4:0, at Novosibirsk Siberia - 7:0. Having noticed this tendency, collective - Chelyabinsk it was converted into a press - service of hockey club the Metallurgist with the offer to recognise as its Timoshi second after a young fox a command talisman.

specially for Novosibirsk fans
Lydia PAVLENKO (KP - Chelyabinsk ).
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