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Airport work has paralysed « a children`s joke »?

From - for the untrue report on a mining passengers of flight Novosibirsk - - Dushanbe 40 minutes could not leave the plane, and people expecting the flights have been evacuated from Tolmachevo

In 15. 10 by phone 02 the unknown person has called. Calling has informed that in an air terminal building the bomb is put. The voice was very similar to the children`s. Militiamen have there and then handed over the information to employees of linear department of internal affairs of the airport. Having learnt about happened, guards of the law and order have started to evacuate passengers. To accelerate evacuation, it was necessary to remove all minibuses serving internal lines.

- to passengers and meeting people at once have explained that has occurred, - Igor ERMAKOV, a press - the secretary of the airport has told to us. - but no panic has arisen.

all passengers have brought on safe distance and have left in buses that people have not frozen. And at this time employees LOVD combed terminals. Worst of all it was necessary to passengers of the plane Novosibirsk - Dushanbe, landed on airdrome directly during this moment. All time while check lasted, they sat in the plane, guessing.

to 17. 30 law enforcement officers have finished check of both stations. A mine and have not found out. By the way, among other things from - for the untrue report for some minutes have detained the plane to Tashkent.