Rus News Journal

Swindlers hypnotised saleswomen by turns

On Sunday at midday in shop in the street Dzerzhinsky three dark women have entered. One of them has approached at once to cash desk:

- Me of a sausage dry, - the woman has got from a purse pjatidesjatitysjachnuju a denomination.

the Seller has not had time to weigh sausage as on it from two parties two more customers have flown:

- And cheese at you fresh? - One shouted.

- And whose sausages of manufacture? - Its girl-friend interrupted.

- Girls, I the first here stand, - vstrjala the customer of sausage, - let me will calculate.

the Saleswoman as the sleep-walker, has counted forty six thousand delivery for sausage. Then it has given still almost as much to the second customer. When women left shop, the saleswoman has clutched at the head - the cash desk was empty. Two pjatidesjatitysjachnyh denominations with which customers paid off, money from cash desk was not.

the Saleswoman has called the director, and that in turn in militia. An hour later per militia the director of one more shop has come. He has declared that its seller have deceived on 150 thousand. The same scheme - three ladies by turns bought products on six - seven thousand and paid off with a denomination worthiness in fifty thousand. However after leaving of money in cash desk it was not found out.

the Gipsies who have arrived in Stolin from Mogilyov, have detained in the evening of the same day. Only for a pair of clocks they have managed to swindle four shops. In militia of the girl on a question as they managed on to deceive some times skilled sellers, look down. Here. The island of the senior inspector Stolinsky ROVD Nikolay Zharun is convinced that the detained swindlers own hypnosis.