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Fans « the Dynamo » have catcalled the former favourite Ravilja Yakubov

And all from - that the Novosibirsk club has created original sensation, having crushed eminent capital hockey players in Moscow - 4:1!

- not to carry away it a foot! 5:0 - it is not less! If less than four washers Siberia will hammer, it on a broader scale the shame will be, - sipping beer, fans in a bar rocked dinamovskie.

at fans it is white - blue there were all bases on iridescent forecasts before game with Siberia . Present visitors of Muscovites have lost the last match with the indecent bill 0:7 in Magnitogorsk and now should wash off a shame, without having given a match in capital without struggle. And here from the Dynamo which and so goes on standings, falling and stumbling, punctures it was not expected. To the contrary, the match with the nominal outsider should deduce dinamovtsev from a precipice of drawn games and defeats and to give to them to confidence. And the confidence comes more often together with alcohol, therefore is strong nakljukavshihsja fans of hockey it is white - blue on tribunes luzhnikovskoj arenas it was unusual much. They bawled something insulting about visitors, and seconds did not doubt that after a final whistle eshchevypjut. For victory.

among supporting Muscovites sat on tribunes and main Kvazimodo of our show - business Vyacheslav Petkun. Probably, a terrible voice from time to time the roaring: Forward the Dynamo! - belonged to it. Though to warrant for it I did not become.

already the first period dinamovskoj torsidy has dispelled all cloudlessness and has crushed. It would Seem, stifled by a full grid of washers of Magnitogorsk manufacture Siberia should play as a lamb to the slaughter a role the whipping boy . But Novosibirsk not simply resisted. All squalls of attacks of owners broke about competent defence, and throws on Yeremeyev`s collars were strewed with obvious not autsajderskoj frequency. The drawn game 0:0 after the first 20 minutes of a match was obviously not in advantage the Dynamo . However, for the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that attacks of Muscovites by high quality did not differ. Visitors simply did not allow to eminent owners to be developed.

in a break fans sadly pulled beer. The most resourceful there and then have found a root of failures:

- All is simple! Same one the Dynamo against another plays! Here and all secret. - the hint was that many players Siberia have dinamovskie the roots, not one year was played by them for this club. Ravil Yakubov and at all was a substitute of the Moscow public. And the trainer Siberians Vladimir Semenov too when - that trained is white - blue! By the way, to Yakubov from public has got. In the second period of a tribune staliskandirovat curses to Ravilja, but the captain of visitors has kept cool. After a match the sad fact of revilings of the former substitute has called brisk discussion in a bar.

- when Ravik alone pulled three years the command, these freaks who shouted on tribunes, even on hockey did not go. And now shout, reptiles!

- so after all it has left!

- and I would leave! So it was necessary. But it all the same the best, and we always with it!

Siberia to disrespect for continued to respond superreliable defence. Dinamovtsy could not use numerical advantage which continually it threw. Could not show actually anything intelligible. But visitors in any way could not use the chances. And after all game, apparently, went to the first washer. Twice the hero Almaz Garifullin could become, but both times Yeremeyev took of a correct position in collars. It seemed, visitors can keep triumphal zero for themselves on a board, but has not stood Siberia in total some seconds. Almost on exod there was last minute the second period when dinamovets Chupin has jostled - taki in the majority a washer in excellent playing Fomitchyov`s gate. The hall has sighed with simplification. a dynamo won and give points, most likely, did not gather any more.

Siberia probably, too has decided that all is lost, because in the beginning of the third period of confidence at visitors was reduced. And dinamovtsy siganuli to hammer still. Defensive usages novosibirtsev began to give failure, and as a result it seemed that is white - blue dozhmut the opponent any minute. But the washer persistently refused to go to gate. Once it has shaken krestovinu a collar, and the arbitrator looked through some minutes a film. It as a result has not included a washer, then dinamovtsy have calmed down. And Siberia unexpectedly was got and has rushed to hammer. Such impudence it is white - blue did not expect. And to be stirred, appear, there are no reasons, up to the end remains hardly more than six minutes. That to be stirred - that?

And here that. At first Subbotin from transfer of Gribko has evened up scores. Then, all in two minutes, Dudarev from transfer of Garifullina was deduced by the club forward - 2:1! However, the arbitrator long did not want to set off this washer. Repetition looked and even has called to itself video operators of two commands. Has and still included! That was created on a bench of visitors! Emotions, as in the World championship ending!

Dinamovtsy have rushed to recoup, but have there and then received a prick from Oleg Belova - 3:1! Three washers it is less than for three minutes! Ingeniously! In this match all was already clear, and fans is white - blue were pulled to an exit. But Siberia it was already impossible to stop. Last minute a match Garifullin nevertheless has caused a stir, having thrown the fourth washer to Yeremeyev. 4:1 - the present defeat! And it after 0:7 in Magnitogorsk. Gallant, Siberia ! This command is able to hold blow.

specially for Novosibirsk fans correspondents
Paul of ZADOKS and Anatoly Zhdanov (photo).