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Pazik has faced four cars

On Saturday as a result of failure at one foreign car has torn off a roof, and another has appeared is pressed to a border of the Municipal bridge

Collision has occurred on the Municipal bridge at half past seven p.m. In a direction to Mountain moved UAZ, unexpectedly it cut the nine . The driver of an UAZ has not managed to drive and has sharply braked. Behind it there was a bus following on a route 1239.

without having had time to react to sharp braking, pazik has faced both cars. From blow the bus has thrown out on a counter strip where it ran into the stamp car Whist Toyota . At a foreign car as a result of collision has torn off a roof, and doors and other parts of the car have scattered on proezzhej parts on distance of 100 metres. The driver tojoty was born under a lucky star, it has got off only with bruises.

according to rescuers, pillows of security and extraordinary luck have helped. But on it misadventures of the driver pazika have not ended, the bus continued to twist on road. In some seconds it has struck T Karinu has pressed it to a border of the bridge and only after that at last has stopped. To the driver of the second foreign car has carried less: besides that it should be pulled out from the clamped car, it had crises of both feet. Passengers and the bus driver have not suffered.

- it is difficult to define, who is guilty, - have informed us in city traffic police. - the matter is that the municipal bridge - a place on a broader scale rotten, especially in the winter. In spite of the fact that ice constantly sand, constants strong a wind blow off it at once. Therefore on the Municipal bridge it is necessary to be on guard always! Hardly zazevalsja and on you - failure.

Julia Saltymakova