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There was time when officers removed from themselves pea jackets

Have read your article Who has frozen 200 recruits at the Novosibirsk airport and she has responded a pain in souls us, mothers of soldiers! In article it is correctly written: even the cattle does not go without the shepherd. And after all it is soldiers! They have got used to do all by order of! After all with them someone was. Really those officers who for them responded as would concern the sons, grandsons? We consider that the reasons of such incidents is, in - the first, decrease in quality of invocatory structure, and in - the second, that there is no due control over soldiers. My husband himself ministered, and he remembers that during former time officers removed from themselves pea jackets to warm soldiers. Now it is not present. Mothers send in army of children which they raised and nurtured many years, and invalids home come back. Why it occurs? And how socially to protect soldiers who have received diseases as a result of passage of military service?

Valentina Mihajlovna Ponomareva, the chairman of Regional committee of soldier`s mothers of Kuibyshev.