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Deyev has not rescued « Salavat » from revenge « Siberia »

On Sunday Siberia with the bill 3:0 has crushed Ufa Salavat Yulaev

Siberia left on a match with Ufa Salavat Yulaev after enchanting victory on a visit over capital the Dynamo - 4:1. The majority of experts, truth, named this success casual. Probably, so it also was, however that the Moscow triumph has inspired Vladimir Semenova`s wards - the fact. Therefore as on arena of the Ice palace of sports Siberia left with one purpose - to conquer. And to conquer at any cost.

Novosibirsk fans with impatience waited for occurrence on a platform of two hockey players Salavat Yulaev : the former captain Siberia Alexey Deyev and Sergey Rozina. In spite of the fact that children do not protect one and a half year colour Siberia novosibirtsy till now remember the favourites.

Deyev during a meeting fought as a lion, aspiring to hammer to the former command, however to amaze Alexander Vjuhina`s gate to it and it was not possible.

Deyev`s Partners on command tried to punch Vjuhina, hoping to bring to the command so necessary three points, but all their attempts broke about an impenetrable bastion in the name of the goalkeeper Siberia . Successful game of the goalkeeper has in many respects predetermined success of owners. The confidence of the keeper was passed field players, and those have started to work wonders. In the beginning Egor Shastin used Ravilja Yakubov`s exact transfer and has opened the bill - 1:0. After a goal game became nervous: pushes, footboards, skirmishes arose literally for no reason. But after Dmitry Dudarev has made the bill 2:0, passions have settled. However, much, in particular to hockey players Salavat Yulaev it seemed that Dudarev has amazed gate of Nikolaev with the fad. Judge Zaharov long looked a video review, but as a result under an enthusiastic roar of fans, has included - taki a washer.

and in five minutes Andrey Subbotin has scored the third goal in gate Salavat Yulaev - 3:0. Ufimtsy have been completely demoralised and, appear, did not understand that occurs. Siberia had still pair of possibilities to finish the bill to 4:0. However all remains, as was.


Vladimir SEMENOV, the head coach Siberia :

- Siberia today very much wanted to win, and it has made it! It was visible an unaided sight. Our children persistently trained before a match. They have achieved the object, on what I and want them to congratulate!

Nikolay MAKAROV, the head coach Salavat Yulaev :

- I consider that today`s game Siberia is a continuation of a match with dinamovtsami. It seems that owners have decided to undertake rivals seriously! Certainly, the big role discipline and self-return novosibirtsev, though the basic line-up very young today have played! Our children in this struggle too have proved to be from the best party! I want to tell that on force rivals were worthy each other! At hockey players Salavat Yulaev to Siberia claims are not present. On refereeing I will speak nothing.

Marina KORCHEVSKY has written down.