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Leah helps you holy water?

Ekaterina Fedorovna, the pensioner:

- I go behind holy water every year. It also helps from all! And corners I sprinkle from evil spirit. Even at a strong toothache when already nothing rescues, holy water helps me!

Volodja, the military man:

- I go behind holy water on epiphany five years. First of all I take water for protection against illnesses. I consider that any hvor will pass if to believe in favour of water.

Maria Fedorovna, the pensioner:

- I stood in a queue for holy water 4 hours! But it is simply necessary for me. At me already both feet do not go, and eyes not vidjatju And if not it, would be even worse!

Elena ministering:

- such turn Has come behind holy water for the first time, and here! There is only an hour, has very much frozen, but business - that necessary! I consider that holy water helps from a malefice.

Dmitry Ivanovich, the pensioner:

- I go behind holy water every year. I drink it every day on a table spoon.

Larissa Vladimirovna ministering:

- Holy water really helps. I had a case: some years ago we have moved to new apartment, and it has appeared unclean . Then I have brought from holy water church, have sprinkled all walls, ceilings, and all evil spirit has left!

Andrey Kopalova`s photo.