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The detective was engaged illegal proslushkoj phones

On the advertisement on sale of special devices which provide security of telephone negotiations, employees of FSB have come across on the Internet. On a broader scale - that for manufacturing of such pieces the special licence which can give out only in security Federal Agency is necessary. But, having found out, who is the seller, counterspies could give a head on cutting off that any permission to this person did not give.

further was a trick - to the seller who, by the way, worked as a detective in detective agency, have sent the person, ready to buy party of devices. On closer examination they have appeared is masterful designed zhuchkami with which help it is possible to listen to telephone conversations. Employees of Management of FSB together with prosecutors of the Soviet area have there and then detained prodovtsa. It has appeared, at the man it is some higher educations among which there is also a technical. It - that also has helped the enterprising detective to adjust manufacture zhuchkov . However, he assures that has found the scheme of manufacturing of the special device in the Internet.

- to prove that he has invented these devices, very difficult, - Oleg Alekseev, the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Soviet area has informed. - now it is really possible to find everything in the Internet, everything. Therefore only accusation, most likely, will be brought with sale " to it; zhuchkov .

Now inspectors try to find all buyers who had time to get smart means. Most umeltsa - the seller is waited by punishment in the form of the penalty which is provided by a part of 2 articles 138 of the criminal code of Russian Federation.