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The doctor - the therapist traded in drugs to earn to itself on a dose

Employees of management of state drug enforcement across the Novosibirsk region have detained the doctor of one of city polyclinics. Within 15 years the woman wrote out lime recipes on purchase of narcotic medicines. For certain compensation it supplied with recipes of all interested persons. And, to secure itself, medicines the therapist wrote out on the relatives or acquaintances. And on received from clients money she bought heroin for herself. It is not known, how much still time its underground activity if the information on the doctor - the drug dealer has not filtered through a narrow circle of the devoted proceeded.

at first police officers have started to check people addressed to whom recipes have been written out. It has appeared that they know nothing about the medicines registered by it. The doctor have invited for conversation in management where she in all admitted at once. As she said, on a crime the woman was pushed with the poor salary of physicians which did not suffice on heroin. Now accusation in forging of documents is brought to the woman. It expects two years of imprisonment.