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Vitebsk demolition men have an alibi?

business in the relation of brothers of Murashko which suspect of fulfilment of explosions in Vitebsk on September, 14th and 22, did not go to court yet as has informed Vitaly Murashko Svetlana Davidov`s lawyer

- In October accusation in explosion fulfilment is brought on September, 22nd to Vitaly and Yury, - she has told. - upon explosion on September, 14th they pass only as suspects. Moreover, we managed to collect that proof that, on extreme, a measure at the moment of explosion fulfilment on September, 14th brothers have an alibi. Now children are in a pre-trial detention centre, term of their maintenance under guards is prolonged till the end of February.

Vitaly and Yury Murashko four months are in custody. In this time their relatives convinced of innocence of brothers, repeatedly were converted into various instances, up to Presidential Administration. Recently mother of brothers has written the letter with the request to understand a situation to Alexander Lukashenko. Both brothers as confirms mother, in due time on presidential election voted for Lukashenko that is why the woman hopes for its attention.