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« you Want to live - be silent »

Yesterday we have learnt that Sergey has come back home. He has agreed to meet the correspondent

- All of us who was on a voskresnik - shareholders of factory, - Sergey Ivanovich has told. - We did not give the consent to change of the director. But even if the new director would come to us in a civilised way, anything would not happen...

According to Sergey Soloveva, that day at half past three at a checkpoint has suddenly stopped six Jeeps and one PAZik . Therefrom there were guys in leather jackets with bits in hands. Factory workers have counted more than 40 persons. Guys have tried to pass on factory territory. Shareholders have postponed shovels with which forced down icicles, and have gone on negotiations with newcomers. Those demanded to pass them, resting that here - the new director here will approach. In fifteen minutes police cars have approached on collars. At this time on the other hand check points have gathered all who was at factory, - fifty persons. Even minutes through fifteen there have arrived two court enforcement officers: their shareholders have passed. However after judicial executors through a checkpoint, having crumpled protection, guys with bits have tumbled down. Fight has begun.

- I stood in the first row, me at once have started to beat, - Sergey Solovev tells. - edge of an ear I heard, how the woman shouts, and the guy in a leather jacket shouts to someone that they promised not to touch women.

... At night to Sergey Ivanovichu have called home and have told that the factory is disconnected... That occurred in these two days, he refuses to speak: only confirms that it kept at factory, but not physically, and by blackmail.

- to us already called, - Elena speaks. - also have told that if Serezha wants to live, will tell to nobody that saw. We wanted to go to militia, and now we are afraid...