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How to make a breakfast in bed?

the director of the Central park fries cheese sticks

continues to tell about recipes of a romantic breakfast for the favourite lady from known persons of Novosibirsk. Today the secrets will be opened by Sergey Yemelyans, the director of the Central park of Novosibirsk.

is more rare better, but it is better!

Sergey indulges the spouse Vick such breakfast infrequently - as he said, it occurs not more often, than time in three months.

is because I am too occupied on work, - he speaks. - so to say, the shoemaker`s wife is the worst shod, on work you try to be in time, and a hand native home not always reach...

for the favourite wife Sergey approaches to preparation of a romantic breakfast thoughtfully, with full consciousness of importance of an event. He needs to consider in advance what exactly he will prepare, and then... Then begins svjashchennodejstvo.

the Cheese fried in eggs and crackers

cheese Is cut by straws.

As an ideal breakfast for Viki Sergey sees such dish: The fried cheese sticks which poured by shaken up egg and have been rolled in in breadcrumbs, wrapped in the salad leaves imposed on a plate with fresh vegetables, and coffee.

- cheese here will fit not any but only firm grades, - Sergey speaks, displaying on a table all necessary for breakfast preparation. - I prefer Maasdam - on the one hand, it firm enough, does not creep away, with another - has pleasant creamy taste. And to fry it it is convenient!

It is bathed it in eggs and crackers.

Cheese is cut on lengthways - long palochnymi slices. Then in a deep bowl egg, cheese " is shaken up by a mixer; bathes in this mousse, then falls out in crackers, and - on a frying pan. To fry sticks, by the way, Sergey recommends only on vegetable oil - both it is more useful, and is more fragrant. On a frying pan cheese should spend minutes five, it is no more - until suhariki will not get a golden shade. Then sticks can be taken out - by this moment cheese became soft and has become impregnated pleasant a smoke . Sticks should be turned in the big salad leaves - like konvertika, from four parties, as a stuffed cabbage. For Vicks as Sergey considers, such konvertikov it is quite enough of two. Sticks obkladyvajutsja it is thin the cut tomatoes, cucumbers, the half of boiled egg with mayonnaise nearby is put, the plate is put on the beautiful big tray laid by napkins.

And now - on a frying pan.

Now - coffee. Not to potter too long with tourist`s which, Sergey suggests to prepare the Service jacket a press - the French press in a special mug with the piston. Coffee in such mug long does not cool down, saves aroma svezhezavarennogo.

- Now it is possible and in a bedroom, - Sergey smiles. - such tray will raise a gentle smile anyway even if the day before you have quarrelled!

expensive, I already have prepared all!

Caloric content a breakfast on Yemelyanov

Total: 872 calories

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