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For i stars did not have dresses?

at film festival opening in eyes rjabilo from sweaters and every day suits

i of course, not Cannes, but all - taki the international film festival, and along with good cinema spectators expects to see an effective exit of stars on a scene. Expectations justify only half - as regards films more often. On i bring film novelties from the different countries, the won prizes at other festivals. This year, for example, spectators have seen made a noise Space as a presentiment Alexey Uchitelja, Poor relatives Paul Lungina, the Sun Alexander Sokurov, last competitive day - on Friday, on November, 25th - will look the Persona non grata Kshishtofa Zanussi.

With stars all is much more prosy - similar, nobody puts an indispensable condition their part in a vesper dress. Past Saturday at film festival opening ceremony simple spectators have obviously outdone eminent visitors as regards dresses. The majority of those who rose on a scene, have been dressed budnichno - in sweaters, jeans, unpretentious jackets and trousers. At parade from stars there were units. Izjubr the Russian serials Alexey Guskov has arrived to Minsk for the first time and was in view of that in a smart dark blue suit. To Victor Proskurin very much there was a fashionable hat and - lja a skullcap and a scarf over a suit. Andrey Sokolova was to be stroked on a foot - it was allocated brown shtibletami with spotty inserts from thin fur. Unusually strictly looked the cop Alexey Nilov at a tie and with the new girl-friend. In a hall it has sat down far away from Alexey Panin with whom, speak, has largely quarrelled in the morning. Anastas Melnikova in an elegant black suit sat at Panin to whom the glory of the biggest rowdy in modern Russian cinema was fixed. Panin just taki did not begin to strain concerning a suit and has come to the Republic Palace in the same sweater and jeans in which has arrived to Minsk.

As well as Melnikova, on black colour have stopped Irina Skobtseva and Lydia Fedoseyev - Shukshin. Last as it was found out next day, has in Minsk a favourite little shop of the big sizes.

is in Serebrjanke, opposite to a registry office, - Lydia Nikolaevna has satisfied interest of spectators during a creative meeting in administration of May Day area. Then the head of administration has promised that to the following i will open the same shop in the centre of Minsk.

But the Belarus stars at festival have used a case to flash dresses. Valery Arlanova`s actress in a fitting dress and an effective hat tried not to depart from the husband - the director and the director of studio Belarusfilm Alexander Efremova. But someone has angrily noticed that in this dress Arlanovu already saw at last festival.

- Yes, it so, - did not begin to deny Valery. - I have sewed to myself some new dresses, but have at the last moment changed the mind and have put on an old dress, it very much is pleasant to me, and the hat most of all approached to it. And a hat to me, by the way, have presented couple of years back on i for Best Actress in one of performances.

the Dress on TV presenter Svetlana Borovsky so strongly stuck to her feet that the father Jumble Boris Grachevsky has released in its address an epigram about the bore.

- It is a pity that it was impossible to step on the stage in a fur coat, - Svetlana has sighed, being apparelled in clothes in a smart mink fur coat of sand colour - a gift of the husband, popular actor Anatoly Koteneva on birthday.

But the star " has eclipsed all this evening; Anastasii Slutsky Svetlana Zelenkovsky. To look back at itself it has forced rather frank dress - the actress was in a black fitting dress with an open back. It was supplemented with a graceful detail - shorts with the brilliant butterfly which were not hidden by deep cut.

is very expensive dress from Guy Larosh - Svetlana has told to us. Is a gift from person expensive to me. I protected the dress specially for i .